• I will not give up hope. I pray they go down hard!!!!

  • I hardly think they are in panic mode... they control the Courts, DOJ, and Military...  they are cold-blooded killers and have demonstrated their lack of conscience and willingness to do whatever it takes to retain their power... No, they're not panicking they are rallying their forces and consolidating their power to ensure that they retain power.  Any fear is more a sign of concern and the adrenalin effect as they willingly flaunt the law and engage in what appears to be mass murder... in the Pandemic scam.

    • I agree they are evil


  • TRUMP is president

    • Tell that to the US Treasury... and Congress they think it is Biden signing the checks?  Could they be correct?  Funny, Biden keeps flying around in Air Force 1... did someone forget to tell the DOD that Biden was not President.  Wake up, it does little good to walk around shouting fraud and stolen election ... when we need to be finding ways to remove Biden from the Office the several States, Congress, and the Courts allowed him to steal.

    • Yes Buddy, you are correct.  Donald J. Trump is our president.  Not the imposter currently staining the White House.

  • anything the devil is doing will come into the light.

  • A thief remains the thief, not the rightful or lawful owner. They should all be scared to death. 

    • Scratch a lie, Find a thief.


    • It's not  "his" DOJ; it's President Trump's DOJ, and OURS.


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