• As a Police Officer it states in the rules and regulations guide that it is unlawful for an officer to accept a bribe. Is it not the same if government official bribes another government official??? I hope if, or when we get some Republicans who have a backbone, they pass a law to stop this!!  

  • they are all a part of the Demon elite in the white house.

  • They were "Promised" what all Federal Congressman are promised: Excessive Paychecks for Minimal Annual Work Weeks, which follows them through Retirement even after One Term of Service; The Highest Medical Care Insurance which follows them through Retirement, even after One Term of Service. And "They" convince the American Citizens the "Rich" and "Corporations" Steal from America!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I was happy to note that one of the Senators who represent me was not on this list.  The other was a demockrat back bencher so I knew she would vote for it.  I have already left a message at the local office of the House cretin that represents my district not to vote for the Infrastruture bill, but as I know what a disgusting person she is; I know how she will vote.

  • I'll call Portman for all the good it will do since he isn't running again

  • Who on the House side? I'm afraid Kay Granger might be one of them with her Panther Island project pork! 

    I will contact her office, but I think they will just say one thing, while doing another. 

  • You forgot Lindsey Graham on the list of RINO's.

  • How about some contact information so we can put social media heat on these RINOS?



    Hugh Gilmartin

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