By last Monday, the riots and protests over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police had spread to over 100 American cities. On that day, President Trump gave a short speech in which he castigated the governors and mayors who hadn’t put down the riots. He said that he might invoke the Insurrection Act and put federal troops into rioting cities to quell the violence.

That evening, Trump walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper and a camo-clad Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in tow.

Those events so incensed former Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis that he released a statement to the liberal Atlantic magazine severely criticizing the president. It was a recitation of long-held complaints.

At the heart of Mattis’s condemnation of Trump was this paragraph:

Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership. We can unite without him, drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. This will not be easy, as the past few days have shown, but we owe it to our fellow citizens; to past generations that bled to defend our promise; and to our children.

Shortly after Mattis’s statement became public, former White House Chief of Staff retired Gen. John Kelly — like Mattis, a Marine — said that he agreed with Mattis’s statement.

The media are — falsely — characterizing the Mattis and Kelly statements as proof that Trump isn’t and can’t be trusted even by his closest advisers and that there is a breakdown of trust between Trump and the military. They tried the same thing in the 2006 “generals’ revolt” against George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.


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  • Confederate statues are being defaced and put down, rewriting History is typical of socialist/communist countries. The situation is really advanced at this point in the US. I'd like to be more optimistic but what we see on TV is depressing. Militaries and some others at the Senate start saying that it's OK to remove historical landmarks and names. I don't agree with that. Images and symbols from the past should remain because they are part of History and they are a source of information. You can hate or disagree with the people they were (Lee and others), but you can't remove them from History. Thousands died following these men. Their idea of America is felt as wrong and painful for many today, but it's what happened and it's History, removing them is like saying that they didn't exist, they died in pain and won't be remembered. I find that sad. It's like if in Europe they would decide to deny the fact that Germans were at war against us. They were, that's History. Now, people tried to make Nazi symbols disappear and I can understand that after the war, when things were still painful. However, you still need to show kids the Nazi flag and the star that jewish people had to wear, because it's what happened and kids need to learn it. This should be tought at school and in museums at the very least. You can't erase History and you can't forget the people who died during those wars, whatever was their position on the map.

    • that is exactly what Obama wants to do.

    • Real American patriots fly the revered Confederate Flag!

    • Now! they don't want the Confederate flag to be flown.

    • Communist antifa traitors!

  • We have to wake up and unite before it is TOO LATE!!!

    • I believe it's to late


    • Jeff, It is NOT too late. God is at work exposing all things done in the dark and bringing them into the light. He is using all of this for our rebirth. This is what I believe, but we must pray, repent and trust God. The wealth of the sinners will be laid up for the righteous. He is cutting the tops off of the mountains (7 mountains of family, church, government, education, media, arts/entertainment, business/economy. This shaking will go on a while but stay strong in prayer and trust and faith. Pray Thy Kingdom Come to you, your town, state, country and all nations.

    • Hey! jea9 I agree with you 100% but I feel the time is short because of all that's going on right now not just in the United State all over the world I can see if it was just the United States, yes but it's happening all over the world now it's the time to get ready.

    • have faith in God, Jeff. He has not left us. 

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