• Anyone that really thinks the GOP will go after them is living in the land of unicorns...

    • True that.

    • The only thing the GOP goes after is your wallet.


    • Even truer.

  • The "Rule of Law in our Democracy"??? The demonrats don't care about the "Rule of Law"....right now there is NO "rule of Law". ALL these bastards are evil to the core. Operating under satan's control. 

    • You are absolutely right.  There is no rule of law and there is no democracy either.  We live in a state of tyranny.

  • People wake up this people are communist time to tell everyone don't wait for the media forget our schools because their is where it began 

  • Schumer is a communist scumbag like the rest of the commiecrat party adherents.  Every last one of them are lying criminals and left wing whackos delerious with power while they still have a seat in the District of Corruption.

  • This bunch  of traders  must be removed  as soon as possible.!

  • Schumer is a nut job from NY.  He has committed so many crimes in office that he belongs in prison on bread and water until he goes to see St. Peter.

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