Theory: The Election Was A Giant Sting Operation

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  • count on them ALL being for devildemocommiecrats.

  • Check this. I can't copy it, if true is great , but not seeing it on tv yet.
  • Trump will win either with the correct number of ballots counted or in the courts. No worries! The large majority of Americans obviously want four more years of Trump.

  • AZ back in play just now.


    • Good deal... every vote counts and some democrat votes keep counting even after the election polls are closed.

    • Ron, they will count devildemocommiecrat votes until they get the results they want!!!!!

  • Trump needs; N Carolina, Ga, Pa, and Nevada or Mich or Wisconsin to win.

    • There were still one million votes uncounted in AZ when the corrupt FIX news called it. Strong R areas.

    • That was a big tipoff.   Some of Fox seems to be on the commie side.

  • Eight Republican districts in Pennsylvania are just being genius is managing this.  Had they counted the mail in votes, those numbers would already be known to the Dims in Philly.   And, out would come the 

    'big find of ballots'.   Instead, the R districts stuck together and said, 'we don't have the time or assets to count the actual voting day ballots and the mail ins, so we will take care of election day ballots on election day and the mail ins will start to be counted on Wednesday.   That's driving the Dims nuts.   They have offered to pay for extra staff to count and whatever it takes to get it done FAST.    

    TAKE YOUR TIME PENNSY.   Wait til Philly has its final numbers before saying word one.   Watch the rats run.

    Right now, there are almost 700,000 more Trump ballots in Pennsy.

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