• It is cultural suicide... the innate concept that Blacks are somehow entitled to take what others built without working for it... It is the core principle of Marxism... "From each according to their ability; too, each according to their need."

    Look at the early government housing projects which were largely inhabited by Blacks... These projects were once models of modern and efficient living. They are now piles of rubble, and many are so damaged and dilapidated that they are being torn down... brick by brick... copper pipe by pipe, by those supposed builders of our nation.  Unlike the Chinese coolies of the 1845=1875 furnishing much of the labor used to build our railroads and major systems of transport and commerce.  The Chinese adapted and improvised and are today a thriving, productive, non-violent, valuable ethnic group in America... Maybe, just maybe the Blacks could learn from them.

  • The only thing these individuals ever built was hate and divisive government...  The proof can be observed by taking a quick survey of their NATIVE COUNTRIES... their mud huts and corrupt governments... that is their heritage.... it certainly isn't the heritage of ROME or European culture and its dynasties...  Her forefathers are still slaughtering each other with machetes and running around half-naked looking for the next victim to rob and plunder.  The only great cities in Africa were built by colonialists and now that the Colonialists have departed their cities are turning into rubble and centers of corruption... the few that are not still have a significant white population S. Africa, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe... and they are headed downhill under African leadership.

  • This woman is not atypical... however, she represents a major problem within the Black Community and much of the minority ethnic groups... war may be the only way to reverse such violent hate.  We can not permit such dangerous rhetoric to fuel the public debate it will only lead to great violence and open racial and ethnic warfare if it continues.

  •   This type of offensive rhetoric is what black people are being fed a constant diet of by the Biden administration, the media, and the race-baiters. My great-grandmother did not arrive in America until 1917. She was part of the thousands of Irish who immigrated, legally. They along with Italians, Polish, Germans, and others were treated horribly. They were victims of rank discrimination. The Chinese were used to build the railroads, used as "powder monkeys," carrying explosives into tunnels on their backs. These immigrants received zero government handouts, many arriving with only the clothes on their backs and the change in their pockets. These immigrants are the ones who built this country. Why do certain people think they are owed reparations? How about the thousands of white soldiers that fought and died in order to give slaves their freedom? Does this mean nothing?  In their own words, it will never be enough, but I sure as hell have had enough.

  • Why does she think I owe her anything???? Loot and burn her house and see how she likes it. Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance! Give me, give me, give me!!

  • does the looting at will include beauty supply stores

    • She sure as hell isn't looting a beauty supply store...

    • Maybe! from the way she talks it might as well be.


    This is a black crazy person.  Totally out of touch with herself.  Beyond stupid.  More racist than any person inthe universe.  She is the Black race number one enemy.  Her actions increase the hate and outrage of a lot of white people.  The radicalize black and white people do not want to take on the average folks.  They will get their black heart handed to them.  

  • Let her read about who was actually responsible for the transfer of blacks from Africa to a myriad of nations for centuries - the black Muslim slavers who captured blacks and sold them to those who shipped them. Another fact: they are still doing just that, forcing people into slavery. 

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