The US Constitution assigns the power to enforce the laws to the President. In fact for the first 75yrs of our nation there was no Department of Justice. The DOJ did not exist until 1870.

The left is lying... they are twisting the Constitution and the powers reserved solely to the President. The Constitutional power to 'take care' that the laws be faithfully executed is vested in the President and no other. However, the Petitfoggers would CONTROL how the laws are faithfully executed and to whom they apply. They have slowly usurped the President's powers to oversee the execution of the law. Thus reserving how the law shall be applied solely for themselves. The result has been the corruption of the law, as prosecutors all to often allow their cronies to violate the law with impunity...

The AG and the entire legal system is lying about the President's power to take care that the laws be faithfully executed... The President must end prosecutorial abuse and corruption. He must inform Congress that their creation of the Department of Justice in 1870 did not amend the Constitution and therefore he remains Chief Law Enforcement Officer with total control over the DOJ. He must insist that he has the power to make direct appointments and too directly supervise all investigations, indictments, and prosecutions, without interference from Congress or the Judicial Branch. He must affirm his Constitutional power as President to direct the DOJ as he deems appropriate to ensure the laws are faithfully executed. The President must make it clear that he has the right to direct investigations and to insist indictments be presented to Grand Juries for prosecution. That those rights are his by Constitutional authority and are therefore absolute... See Article 2, Section 3 for the President's power to enforce the laws of the land.

The Constitution invests the power to enforce the law in the Office of President... Let it be noted, that the DOJ did not exist until 1870, 75 yrs after the Constitution was the law of the land. It should be obvious that the laws of the land did not go without enforcement for 75yrs. The President was the Chief Constitutional Law Enforcement Officer in those 75yrs and remains so today. It is a major misrepresentation to deny the President his CONSTITUTIONAL right to enforce federal law... too, investigate, indict, and supervise the execution of all federal law. This misapplication of the US Constitution by the Left and Globalist is being used to illegally stop the President from taking DIRECT control of a corrupt DOJ and FBI.

"The Constitution does not leave to speculation who is to administer the laws enacted by Congress; the president, it says, "shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed," Art. II, §3, personally and through officers whom he appoints (save for such inferior officers as Congress may authorize to be appointed by the "Courts of Law" or by "the Heads of Departments" with other presidential appointees), Art. II, §2." In Mississippi v. Johnson, 71 U.S. 475 (1867), the Supreme Court ruled that the judiciary may not restrain the president in the execution of the laws. In that case, the Court found that "[t]he Congress is the legislative department of the government; the president is the executive department. Neither can be restrained in its action by the judicial department; though the acts of both, when performed, are, in proper cases, subject to its cognizance."  Thus, the courts cannot bar the passage of a law by Congress, though it may later strike down such a law as unconstitutional. A similar legal construction applies to the executive branch... the courts cannot keep the President from taking action directly to enforce the law. 

The Deep State is running the DOJ and FBI... they have unlawfully usurped Presidential powers to avoid prosecution of their own. It is time for the President to affirm his Constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. The President should fire the AG, Deputy AG and all of the top tier DOJ attorneys ... career and appointed. He should then replace them with men he can trust to enforce the laws of the land. Since the Constitution gives him the plenary power to enforce the law, he doesn't need Congress's permission to reorganize or supervise the DOJ, as he sees fit and proper to fulfill his duty to the Constitution and the people. Tell Congress and the Judicial Branch that he intends to begin major reforms in the DOJ and FBI... at the same time remind them that if they violate OR HAVE VIOLATED the law, they are subject to the law... no one is above the law.

It is little wonder that our government is so corrupt... with the pettifoggers lying and usurping powers they don't have, and Congress backing their hand, either out of ignorance or collusion, it all must end now. No more JUSTICE DELAYED... no more JUSTICE DENIED. Pres. Trump should cite the US Constitution, point out that the DOJ did not exist until 1870, and that as President, he has the Constitutional duty to enforce the laws of the land... including the administration and direct supervision of the DOJ and FBI. As such, he intends to use his Constitutional power to engage the serious criminal activity taking place within the government.


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  • FBI and DOJ implicated in withholding exculpatory evidence in the Flynn entrapment case...  such acts are in fact criminal. 

  • When shall justice be allowed to lift her torch to expose the corruption in DC ... will her torch glow brightly once more or shall she sink slowly into the mire of the swamp... too, be burried in the decaying remains of a once-great Nation?

  • Time for Trump to take direct control over the DOJ and FBI... too, clean house and prosecute current and former members of the government whose conduct clearly violated the law.

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