• this is stupid,  idiot, the Democratic party is after we've been through a virus they want illegal immigrants to show up in our borders that is insane 

  • BUCK FIDEN!!!!

  • It's for all the reasons you stated, plus the fact that they HATE our Constitution, God, and our freedoms. Therefore, they are hell bent on destroying it all.

  • I know we are educating illegal immigrant children at the border and not our own. And the effort to change math is another indication to me that the goal is to dumb down American kids to ease the illegal immigrant children's fit into public schools. I've also noticed that most commercial ads on TV etc zero in on meds for depression and anxiety, which while they unfortunately exist in reality the powers that be like to encourage meds both for big pharma and the further dependence of Americans. They seem to like us weak and dumb. Isn't pot now legalized in many places?  They're still trying to altar weather via chemtrails. There are so many suspect actions of the powers of the Left in this country it would take a book to cover them all. We're not an important factor of any the measures used. We just fund them.   

    • A

      How are we educating them?  With Democrat lies I would bet!


    • We are educating in person not virtually.  And you can bet they are brainwashing them.  Why else would they even do it?  I heard Trump Sr. say it .

  • If all else fails to "Check Mate" Bidens  foolish actions there is always the "Convention Of The States " that can stop Biden and his FAR LEFT Masters

    from "Changing America" Starting with Term Limits imposed on congress by We The People . 

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