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We are currently in the third wave of the left’s attempts to totally deconstruct America into the image of the leftist utopia.  There is no love of this country or its traditions or its Constitution among the left.  Remaking it into a radical ideological hellhole is their only objective.  

The impoverished and criminals are sacrosanct and must be preserved.  They enable the corruption and absolute power the left craves.  Two classes, the rulers and the ruled, comprise the society that the left requires.  This is absolute evil, and it is the way the world has functioned for centuries.  They have history on their side.

America has been the prime exception to this history.  Personal freedom and free markets have made this the greatest economy and the greatest civilization in the history of mankind.  We have defeated fascism and communism.  Without us, the world would be an unbearably horrible place to live.  It is only because we love God and freedom.  That’s it.

Since 2016, there have been three mortal attacks against these beliefs.  The left has attempted to continue Obama’s (and Soros’s) transformation of America away from its destiny as a savior of humanity, into a prison of slaves ruled by their elite masters.

The first attack was a continuation of Obama’s weaponization of the government, in orchestrating a coup d'état against the newly elected president.  This started with the attempt to subvert the Electoral College by threatening the delegates.  It ended with the Mueller investigation, the most corrupt government enterprise in American history.  It failed, but it distracted the administration and delayed enacting needed policy.

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  • all I can is this it's going to get ugly as the day goes by

  • Destruction of America started with the use of New Deal programs by FDR that were targeted to get re-elected more then end the depression.  "We have a myth today that the ghettos in metropolitan areas around the country are what the Supreme Court calls 'de-facto' — just the accident of the fact that people have not enough income to move into middle class neighborhoods or because real estate agents (pre 60s) steered black and white families to different neighborhoods or because there was white flight," Rothstein tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.  "It was not the unintended effect of benign policies," he says. "It was an explicit, racially purposeful policy that was pursued at all levels of government, and that's the reason we have these ghettos today and we are reaping the fruits of those policies." New Deal's Public Works Administration led to the creation of segregated ghettos.  Its policy was that public housing could be used only to house people of the same race as the neighborhood in which it was located, but, in fact, most of the public housing that was built in the early years was built in integrated neighborhoods, which they razed and then built segregated public housing in those neighborhoods. So public housing created racial segregation where none existed before.

    Add to this welfare. The souths' approach until the Civil Rights Movement, "Welfare law was used to enforce low-wage work in the fields during the growing and harvest seasons. . . . well over 50% of black women and children were in the workforce–few if any safeguards on child labor existed for blacks. . .  ‘illegitimacy,’ birth out of wedlock, could cost a woman her assistance."  The harsh condition was met by retaing family structure and faith which provided the foot solders of King's successful Civil Right Movement.  "Great Society programs so unique was that they used federal resources to ‘unlock’ other welfare resources that had been denied blacks for decades. Relief efforts often took the form of ‘community action programs.’ These programs addressed various problems-juvenile delinquency, health issues, poverty, mental health, bad neighborhoods, etc., and were often administered by what came to be referred to as ‘community action agencies’, essentially neighborhood service centers, that were often privately run. . . .Outcome included integration of blacks into political processes in many cities."  Pres. LBJ created Great Society welfare program, War on Poverty.  Be boosted (overheard Air Force One), "I have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

    "The program most severely criticized, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), didn’t begin under Johnson.  It started under President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s "New Deal" in the 1930s, which authorized the program to make payment to widows with children. Since then, AFDC has been expanded to cover all unmarried parents with children. . . . "Without AFDC," said Kaus, "the culture of single motherhood could not sustain itself." But, says Kaus, an editor at New Republic magazine, "Johnson hated welfare ... Most of the explosion occurred on (Nixon’s) watch." . . . "A high threshold of single-parent families in a community means a low capacity for social control of kids. A child is more likely to find peers in that community who are not supervised," said Robert Sampson, a sociologist at the University of Chicago."     "University of Washington showed that an increase of roughly $200 a month in welfare benefits per family correlated with a 150% increase in the illegitimate birth rate among teens.";     

    These programs are not that efficient and lots of money leaks out to administer the programs inefficiently.  Crony Captalist of both politial bents gained and self interest kept growing the pot.  We see the cooperation between big business and the bureaucracy and officials.  "Five of our poorest cities have been led by Democrats for more than 45 years. The two other cities on the list, Miami, FL and El Paso, TX have never had Republican mayors. Not ever. The fact that all of our very poorest cities are run by Democrats doesn't prove that Democratic policies lead to poverty, but it sure suggests it.  Fortunately, sociologists and economists have studied some of our older cities long enough to figure out what's going on. We now know why Democratic policies lead to poverty.  Mayor Curley showed Democrats how to win elections by taxing productive people and channeling the proceeds to less well-off groups. This bought Irish votes. As taxes went higher, productive citizens who tended to vote Republican fled to the suburbs, which tipped the balance further and further in favor of Democratic candidates."  Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton  receive their vote in 2016.

    • Well stated Thomas...

      The War on Poverty destroyed the 2 parent family... by making it possible for unwed mothers to become the core of a welfare supported household... one absent the father.  Other programs that empowered women changed the dynamics and morals of our society, giving sexual freedom to amoral and immoral unions outside of marriage; thus destroying the long-held social stigma assigned to children born out of wedlock.  This immoral lifestyle encouraged abortion and redefined the head of household norms... A man no longer laid claim to be the king of his home/castle.  It also led directly to the idea that the man was the head of woman and the priest in his home... Such fundamental change directly impacted Church membership, and the fundamentals forming our nation's faith in God...

      In short, poverty expanded under Johnson's war on poverty, and with it the destruction of the fundamental building blocks for a functional society... the family has been redefined and no longer shapes our social order.  We have become an immoral society driven 

  • WHY isn't there a WORLD warrant out for the ARREST of George Soros. 

    You know ... basic logic says that if your enemy is attacking you ... and your people are being hurt or killed (you know, like in a war) ... then YOU have the right to attack back. 

    What IDIOTIC kind of logic are we in the U.S. operating under that we are not COUNTERING the attacks by GS and his spawn.  Are we so impotent or unresolute that we allowing ourselves to be intimidated with name-calling by communist liberals?

    I say, "move this piece of garbage, who helped the Nazi SS round up his own people, OUT OF THE WAY by whatever means to make him inneffective.  I don't mean to make him a martyr for the NWO Dictatorship, but to remove him and his destructive organizations to a place where they can't damage humanity any more ........ like one of the Aleutian islands or one of the moons of Jupiter. 

    America ..... just STOP being such a wimp about those who are in-fact KILLING you.

  • Time for President Trump and Barr to drop the hammer on these traitors for trying to destroy our country. 4 more years ought to do it nicely. Let's all get out in November and take back the house, increase the Senate,  and give America's greatest President a government to shutdown the attempt to turn us into a communist hellhole. 

  • There are 3500 govt schools where kids are being taught that the American Revolution was about keeping slavery. This is another way the liberals are destroying America from within. If this isn't stopped now it will come back soon to cause many big problems.



    • The Civil War has fought too FREE SLAVES not to enslave men... The South ceded from the Union over Slavery issues.  Pres. Lincoln ordered the Confederacy to return to the Union and when they would not the ensuing Civil War began at Ft.Sumpter, SC.  The South left the UNION to preserve their system of slavery.  The North responded with demands to return to the  Union which eventually moved to armed insurrection and civil war.  Pres. Lincoln issued an emancipation proclamation after the Battle at Antietam in 1862.  For a short tutorial on why the Civil War was fought, I suggest one read the lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, that hymn was sung by hundreds of thousands of Northern troops as they marched into the defensive ranks of the South... Over 60K dead and massive destruction of homes and infrastructure were sustained on both sides... It took nearly 100 yrs for the South's economy to recover.. and much longer for its culture to adjust to a slave-free society.  Make no mistake the Civil War began over slavery and ended with the emancipation of all slaves in the United States.  Immediately after the civil war reparations for slavery were paid by several Congressional acts and military decrees granting land and farm subsides to the freed slaves.

    • So sorry but I disagree with you completely.  The South was getting tired of the uneven distribution of wealth seeing that they did most of the work growing food and cotton for their "masters" up north.  Slavery was thrown in later as a side track.  You know both sides had plenty of slaves and was it not the Africans themselves who started this?  You need to wake up son.

    • You must be very young ... and the product of our failed primary education system to teach accurate history... first, ownership of slaves was outlawed in the North... no one in the North could own a slave period.  So, how did someone in New York, New Jersey,  Deleware, Pennsylvania or Main, etc own slaves... they didn't.  Next, the South was rightly upset over the taxation and export duties being charged for the products they exported however that was merely a side issue.  The fundamental issue was that the North was about to push through an anti-slavery Amendment to the Constitution which would have ended Slavery in every State not just those South of the Mason Dixion Line.

      Let us not forget... there were Blacks who owned slaves and slavery did not originate in the United States or its colonies... it was alive and well for eons in Africa before the first slave ship arrived to buy slaves from the Black natives on the Ivory Coast... Let us not ignore the fact that slavery still exists in Africa and some Islamic Republics or that every race has suffered under slavery at one time or another in history.  Blacks and their race were not the only ones to suffer from slavery... White's were also slaves in the early days of colonial America... indentured servants.  Wake up and stop taking a racist view on slavery...

      You may want to take Amerian History over again.. from some university like Liberty University in Va where the history is not being written from the halls of the Kremlin or some other socialist propaganda source.

    • There are five main reasons for the outcome of Civil War in America; these causes were slavery, economy, Federal versus State rights, Abraham Lincoln becoming president and the Battle of Fort Sumter.  Slave owners were heavily concentrated in the South as their economic activity, namely the agricultural production of cash crops like tobacco and cotton, was sustained and made profitable through the use of slave labor. There were five states with over 400,000 slaves just before the beginning of the Civil War. Virginia with 490,867 slaves took the lead and was followed by Georgia (462,198), Mississippi (436,631), Alabama (435,080), and South Carolina (402,406).
      Slavery was just as important to the economy in other states as well. Several relied on the free labor of over 100,000 slaves. Those states include: Louisiana (331,726), North Carolina (331,059), Tennessee (275,719), Kentucky (225,483), Texas (182,566), Missouri (114,931), and Arkansas (111,115). This does not conclude the states with slaves. There were six others, some were not considered southern states and would not go on to form the Confederate States. The remaining states with slaves were: Maryland (87,189), Florida (61,745), Delaware (1,798), New Jersey (18), Nebraska (15), and Kansas (2).  These figures were taken from U.S. Census 1860.  The South was very much afraid of losing their economy and state rights.  They did not like Lincoln because they thought he was against them like all the other yankees.   The causes of the American Civil War are actually quite complex and require research and analysis to understand their roots.
      The origins of the Civil War actually do surprise many when they get to read and understand what actually caused Americans to fight one another so long after gaining their own independence from the British.  It was about the South losing their economy and being the North's step-child.  Now you tell me to go to Virginia to learn history and I will tell you I have been there a few times and there are good people there but as far as learning anything from those liberals I don't think so.


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