I can clearly see that Social Security and Medicare are political scams and since I must depend on both at the age of 72 and with no other source of income I have no other ption.  I am too disabled to be able to work and what little I had set aside was stolen by the regime of the ineligible usurper barak obama with his collapse of the stock market in 2009.  I paid into the twin scams for 50 years and still pay $170 per month out of my social security check for medicare.  I get a physical examination once per year but have not received any other medical procedures since going on both plans.  At $170 per month I am paying $2040 per year for a physical the doctor charges less than $200 to perform.  To add insult to injury, social security runs a month behind.  The payment I receive in February is for the month of January and if I die on February 28 the government takes that money back so my family loses that money.

While we daily hear how both plans are in danger of bankruptcy welfare is NEVER threatened with the same problem and on top of that illegal alien invaders are given more money out of social security every month than I am despite them never having paid in one cent to the funds.  I spent my entire working life paying in, most years at the maximum payroll deduction.  I wonder how much of the hundreds of millions the government confiscates from working citizens goes to illegal alien invaders and how much goes into political pockets.  I have no doubt that the corrupt government takes in billions every year in confiscated wages but can't keep the programs solvent because so much is either stolen or squandered by political hacks only interested in personal power and wealth.  It seriously looks like the idea behind government run retirement and health care programs is to keep people poor and dependent on the "generosity" of politicians to be able to survive at the bottom of the income chain.  I WILL NOT vote determined by the "benevolence" of politicians and bureaucrats. 

Their promises are LIES designed to keep the political ruling class in power while increasing their personal wealth.  None of them go to Washington and leave, if they don't die while in office, with the same or less net worth than they started with.  Most of them come out as either multi-millionaires or billionaires and then make even more money as lobbyists or writing books and giving speeches.  The amount of graft and embezzlement is disgusting but that is how the political parties want it.  They WILL NOT allow a 3rd political party to gain any prominence as that would relegate them to minor status.  The election system has been rigged to ensure that the republicrats and devildemocommiecrats have NO OPPOSITION to their dominance of the electoral system.  Presidential elections are carried out in opposition to the process laid out by our founders in the Constitution.  Article II Section 1 clearly states how the election of the President is to be conducted but today that has been thrown out by the political parties because to continue in the established manner would limit the party control over the offices and control is what they lust after, along with the wealth politicians and party operatives can accumulate by exerting total control over the process.  Those now in control of the election process don't want We the People to have any input because they know that we will destroy their monopoly if given a chance to influence the process.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

August 3, 2022


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