Democrats Push Russian Collusion Hoax Again — New Allegations of  Interference in 2020 Election

Does anyone recall the Alfa Bank/Trump server story? Among all the false allegations of Russian collusion, perhaps none had so little public impact as Slate’s October 31, 2016 report of a possible cyber “backchannel” between then-candidate Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Four years later, however, the littlest scandal might resurface to expose the fatal flaw in the wider plot against the president.

According to last week’s New Yorker article by Dexter Filkins, Special Counsel John Durham has recently subpoenaed multiple sources quoted in Filkins’ 2018 report on the server saga. Filkins writes that Durham’s recent subpoenas are for testimony before a grand jury: “Some agents told scientists that they were exploring a potential criminal charge . . . for giving false information to the government.” (Emphasis added.)

The evidence below—which I believe has not been published elsewhere, though it has long been open-source—makes a strong case for the veracity of Filkins’ sources. It suggests that false information about a Trump-Alfa-Putin backchannel was indeed passed to the FBI.

Frankly, I am not aware of a simpler, more persuasive piece of evidence that shows “Russian collusion” was entirely and intentionally false. Indeed, it was the largest criminal abuse of power in American history.

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  • Trump saw what the Justice Department has discovered a few weeks ago and said that this was the biggest scandal in the history of the United States. Trump wouldn't say such a thing for nothing. The only question is why Barr is not coming after the criminals who were in on this scandal.

  • That whole thing makes Watergate look like a child's game. People don't even remember what Watergate was all about. This scandal is the biggest scorge in history. No wonder the MSM buryed it. Kids need to be taught some civics lessons.

  • 4 years of democrat and MSM treason!!!

  • All Obama hold overs must be terminated the day after Trump is elected for another 4 years.  No exceptions - should have been done 4 years ago.  

  • That whole hoax stinks & the rotten players need to be ground up & flushed ...

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