• They ONLY WAY this "RED WAVE" grows is IF EVERYONE (not just SOMEONE ELSE) gets up  OFF of the sofa and becomes involved:  1) VOTING,  2) VOLUNTEERING for and  3) GIVING to conservative candidates, 4) RECRUITING others to do the same, and 5) PRAYING for our leaders and nation.  

    I present a FREE 30-minute ZOOM Training called  "TEN EFFECTIVE WAYS to Help ELECT God-Fearing Leaders and ASSURE Fair Elections (from home, part-time)"  and I'm GLAD to give it to any group that is INTERESTED in SPECIFIC WAYS to help reclaim America's Conservative, Constitutional foundation and liberty!  I do NOT seek FUNDS or FAME:  I just WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!  

    Please CONTACT ME at to arrange a FREE, highly practical Zoom Training.

  • Pray it continues

    • It has to - if we want any type of Constitutional Republic.  Even a RINO is better than a de"mock"rat (but I would rather get rid of the RINOs too). 



  • This is the beginning of the  flood that's coming  to you Devilcrats. 

  • This Red wave is going to sweep the country. We the people do not want the Liberal Communist= Democrats in office any longer. They started the very first day their President Biden took office. Issue, after issue Biden has made, is destroying the country.  They all must go. 

    • Here is my guess. The Democrats will win in 2024 because of massive election fraud and Clinton will be our final President! 

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