In CA-22, The Republicans cleaned up at levels not seen in years.


CA-22 is a plurality Hispanic district that only went to Nunes by 5 points in 2018 and 8 points in 2020. The last jungle primary that was held (March of 2020) saw the GOP collect only 56 percent of the vote. On Tuesday evening, Republicans looked to take around 64 percent, with the Republican to Democrat spread reaching 18 points.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, Republicans flipped local offices in Kenosha Waukesha, including a first-ever victory.




Critical Race Theory and indoctrination of children were major issues in several Wisconsin school board elections, leading to anti-CRT candidates walking away winners.




Lastly, a Georgia State House jungle primary delivered more good news for the GOP.



That result actually had some Democrats celebrating, but that’s a complete misread. This was another jungle primary, which means that while Mitchell Kaye only got 41.6 percent as a Republican, two other Republicans totaled up 18.5 percent of the vote. In 2020, the GOP took 55 percent of the vote, so the margins increased substantially. In a state as close as Georgia, even a one-two point overall move back towards Republicans could be the difference in winning or losing.


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  • Can't trust Georgia the so called republicans their are in on the big steal 

    • I had Herschel  text me from Georgia and wanted to know my opinion about him running for Senate, and I told him he is talking to a person in the wrong state. Is he one of those in on the big steal? 

  • What concerns me about Nov 2022 is we won big in 2020, red wave for the House, Senate and President, yet it was stolen. People have been working overtime to expose the fraud and NOBODY has gone to jail yet. Until people who committed the election fraud goes to jail and we continue using Dominion Machines there's nothing to stop them from stealing 2022. In Biden proposed new spending spree there's $10 BILLION allocated for absentee ballots to be sent to every person in the country. People need to be prosecuted including Mark Zuckerberg for their election interference in 2020.


    10301163670?profile=RESIZE_400xDems are looking to the long game. Short term pain for long term gain. They installed their libtard Supreme Court pic and are infusing 10's of millions of illegal aliens into the America mainstream.

    Then they will manufacture a "hispanic' candidate to grab the White House in 2024 after they register all the 'new arrivials' (illegal aliens) to vote and tell them to vote Dem in 2024

    Also, Sleep Joe blocked the energy independence but only until November BUT the new Congress won't be sworn in until Janurary 2023, then the energy industry takes about 18 months to get back going again. Just long enough for the 2024 election. See my point? 

    • As soon as they take back control if the Republicans are for America as they say you start rounding them all up and ship them out every one that came here illegally 

  • As long as we have: Dominion voting machines, mail-in voting, an avalanche of illegals and dead people headed to the polls, and no voter ID laws, why would the democrats be worried at all?

    The voting process in every major city is in the hands of a democrat administration. In Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Newark, Miami, etc…etc…etc… democrats can manufacture as many votes as they need to control the outcome.

    To democrats, voter fraud has become a science. And as so many have told us: They “Follow the Science”.

  • to answer your question Dee, they will pretend to be changing their ways only during election time. Hope we have enough people that do not fall for it. Be careful who you vote for even the Republicans

    • They seem to always do  that Shirley in every election, untill they regain power then it is business as usual.  Get the RHINOS out. 

    • The biggest gamble are judges, most of the time people have no clue which side they're on. It shouldn't matter if they were all constitute judges, but today many are activist judges. Be careful the judge you elect may be deciding your case on the personal level in the future!

  • One thing DEMOCRATS have accomplished in their 1 1/2 years is #Awaken American Patriots. We still must be #alert to #VoterFraud. WE MUST GET THESE EVIL PEOPLE OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT. VOTE VOTE VOTE #FightBACK #SaveAmerica

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