Many of the radical State Governments are setting themselves up for civil unrest; the virus is not setting any precedence; these State Kingdoms are.  The boiling point will be  shortage of food; the rationing of food/goods and services; businesses closing their doors for good.  When gasoline rations, and manatory wearing masks become an issue, in the workplace sports events, restuarants, church and schools; walking the streets etc., people are going to become restless; preventing socialization in their groups; and, possibly, prohibiting dissent via peer pressure and workplace policy, will help ignite the flames of resistance. Last but not least, when communication systems start breaking down, the ripple affect will cause chaos; it will be the beginning and end.  This is the turning point/they went too far!

The Government's MANUFACTURED MALAIS on America is the most criminal act in our history!


Joseph Phillip De Marco


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