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If you’ve been watching the news at all over the last few days you’ve seen how the mainstream media, social media networks, and Democrats are framing the events of January 6th.

The official narrative is that violent Trump supporters “stormed” the Capitol Building.

But there is growing number of people who believe that Capitol police actually invited the protesters in. And they have the video to prove it.

Multiple video clips from that day show Capitol police not only standing down, but removing barricades to allow Trump supporters in. Some videos even show police taking selfies with protestors inside the building.

The video below with nearly 40 million views clearly shows police open the gates then simply walk away as if opening a Best Buy on black Friday.

So there are two conflicting stories as to what exactly happened. Did protesters storm the building as reported by the news and then beat back police, or were they allowed in to create a scene that could then be framed as a violent insurrection?

Well, there is one simple way to answer those questions, and the fact that nobody is talking about it suggests you may already have your answer.

That of course is the surveillance video from the Capitol Building. This building has one of the most sophisticated video security systems of any building in the nation. Not one entrance or hallway is not monitored and recorded.

With this being said, there should be ample video evidence supporting the mainstream narrative.

But have you seen any of these videos?

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    • I am... what are you doing Christopher... besides insulting those attempting to organize the resistance?  It takes money ... funding... to become a dominant force in politics; without it, we only operate on the outer edges of political power, rarely able to affect the overall course of the Nation.  It takes BILLIONS, if not TRILLIONS, too muster serious resistance.. how much do you have that you can send to support activist engagement in political reform?

    • You take your sweet ass time about everything.  Its too  late for your ways now.

    • Words are only words.   Seems you want to step up to the plate.  SO, DO SO.   WHAT'S STOPPING YOU?

      WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?   Just could be there are others here that would join you.

    • sic semper tyrannis

  • TIME TO IMPEACH A FEW DEMOCRATS-!!! Come on Republicans GET SOME BACKBONE- STAND UP FOR THE PRESIDENT-!!! (or be voted out, I guess You understand that)

    • Impeach. Thepunishment for treason is DEATH!...........AND I CAN HARDLY WAIT!  This shchiff show has been going on for DECADES and NOW they want to rob us of our freedom?!!!

      Hows that make you feel America?

    • Robert, that's wishful thinking. The demonrats only impeach President Trump because they are jealous since he made America great again.

    • In order to impeach an official of the government, the House of Representatives must act ... and that takes Nancy Pelosi to initiate such an act.  Do you actually believe any Democrat would be Impeached by Pelosi?  The last time I looked Hell had not frozen over... when it does Pelosi may act to Impeach a Democrat.

    • This is one of the weaknesses of the Constitution.  The power to impeach should not have been restricted to the House and it should take a 2/3 majority of the House to do so.  Founders apparently did not realize that both the House and the Senate could be corrupt and not represent the people, and that one party could collude with corporations and foreign countries to rig an election so the people's votes do not count.  If the right to vote people out of office is compromised, the people have no way of removing corrupt politicians from office and we have no means of impeaching corrupt politicians, judges or other government officials.  This is where we are today and why we must pray that President Trump will lower the hammer on the corrupt Dems and Reps, judges, MSM, IT companies, etc.


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