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If you’ve been watching the news at all over the last few days you’ve seen how the mainstream media, social media networks, and Democrats are framing the events of January 6th.

The official narrative is that violent Trump supporters “stormed” the Capitol Building.

But there is growing number of people who believe that Capitol police actually invited the protesters in. And they have the video to prove it.

Multiple video clips from that day show Capitol police not only standing down, but removing barricades to allow Trump supporters in. Some videos even show police taking selfies with protestors inside the building.

The video below with nearly 40 million views clearly shows police open the gates then simply walk away as if opening a Best Buy on black Friday.

So there are two conflicting stories as to what exactly happened. Did protesters storm the building as reported by the news and then beat back police, or were they allowed in to create a scene that could then be framed as a violent insurrection?

Well, there is one simple way to answer those questions, and the fact that nobody is talking about it suggests you may already have your answer.

That of course is the surveillance video from the Capitol Building. This building has one of the most sophisticated video security systems of any building in the nation. Not one entrance or hallway is not monitored and recorded.

With this being said, there should be ample video evidence supporting the mainstream narrative.

But have you seen any of these videos?

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    • I am for Trump and I belong to the tea party command center.

    • Me too!!!!!

    • Lee, almost the entire Republican base supports Trump. If we indeed add the tea party to a new party lead by Trump, we have a solid majority in the US. I will be there and I will support our President, Donald J. Trump, through thick and thin, come what may.

    • I am sorry to say not all of the Republican base support Trump.

    • No more elections if Trump won't enact the insurrection act. No more frreedom either.


    • I agree there will not be another election.

  • all That I have seen are prople on this website that are sheep.  We all hoped for peace in this country, but to no evail.  Its way beyond that now.  The Republican Paarty is no more.  Wwe have been sold outr and done so by our own.  The RINO's are traitors, and must be eliminated by what ever mens necessary. The Democrats are much worse.  At least they are not afraid to stand fporward and show their true traitor colors.  The time for ressurection is at hand.  It has been coming.  We must protecct Trump.  The sheep on this site must get off of it and stay off of it.  Your talk is mere babble and you are worthless.

    • Christoph, I am with you especially with your call to protect Trump. He needs us today more than ever. If we join the growing ranks of traitors, the traitors will succeed and "lock him up" without anyone making a big fuzz about it. It will happen quietly while we the people, the silent large majority of Americans, won't get anything with voicing our demands to "lock her up" loudly. We the people need to remain firm and uphold our pledge of allegiance to Trump.

    • While I agree with some of what you have stated, most of us are not in a position to do anything at this point.  We must wait to see what President Trump has planned.  Have no doubt President Trump has always been several steps ahead of the Deep State and he is not going to let them undo everything he has accomplished for the American people.  Have faith in President Trump.  Dems want us to come out and start a physical Civil War (we are already in a cold Civil War) in order to further divide the country to justify their total control of the government and American people (socialist state).  We must tread carefully and not go off half-cocked and undermine President Trumps plans.  He has asked us to be patient and to be peaceful.  

    • Where's your plan?

      So, you are a sheep also?

      Those dems have sold their souls AND OUR COUNTRY TO THE CHINESE.

      Thank God we've had Trump or we'd still be in the dark as to WHO SOLD OUT TO THE CHINESE.



      WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU WILL GET THE SOLDIERS?   Let alone the funding to fight the chinks?

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