• Oh, I forgot to mention that I quit smoking and drinking, the drinking in 1987, after God gave me my wife. And quit Smoking in 2007 after the doctors told me I will have cancer from the COPD that I aquired from that and the Ahsma and Broncities I developed. Still here. I got prostate cancer three years ago, got tratment and have it nomore. yah for me. I have never been out of work or in need of anything. I retired at 100 percent disabled after serving my country for 10 years. And yes I am rated as an expert marxman. And am trained to blow up a lot of shiet not a snipper but a Sapper. I have also been retired from the Office of personel for the Department of Homeland Security. And I get SSD. Still married after 35 years hope to see 36. but if God takes my wife next month when she undergoes major surgury, (she has to have 5 of her discs fused) I wont be affraid of being alone because God is with me. And I will see her soon enough. But enough of me hows your life? Still sitting there with your head in a box, sufficating, confused, alone and not even able to see the glory of God in you Grandchildrens face. Not understanding his plane, not fealing his love. Crying in your sleep because he doesnt talk to you. I feel sorry for you. I hope you change your mind and open your heart and mind. Don't seek answeres from people. Pray to God ask him to open your heart. Forgive yourself. or you will not be able to forgive someone else.


    • I'm sure your wife is reassured by your self sufficiency and your sensitivity.  I know I'm very impressed.

    • I hope she is to, but my intent was not to impress you nor do I care too. I was trying to relay to you that God provides and takes care of you if you have faith in him. and also how you can get ride of the darkness you are in.


    • Already has and I mean directly to me in visions. Good for me. For at the end the old shall see visions and the young will have dreams. How you sleeping, lost one?


  •  The whole catholic church is Luciferian. Read and be amassed, ignor to your own distruction.

      An attorney argues the inspired New Testament consists of Jesus' words only. Paul's status is questioned. First, Paul never made a valid prophecy. Second, Paul must be rejected under Deut. 13:5 because he taught the Law of Moses was nullified. Lastly, Jesus most likely intended we understand Paul was the person in Rev. 2:2 whom the Ephesians put on trial and proved was a false apostle. This Ephesus trial is alluded to in Acts ch. 19. Paul refers to it several times as well.

    Jesus' Words Only or Was Paul the Apostle Jesus Condemns in Revelation 2:2 Paperback – October 10, 2012

    by Douglas Del Tonto (Author)
    • You need to be medicated

    • Him, too?  Both of us?

    • Yeah, the both of you, not to say the same meds necessarily, but probably in the same ward, if you both promise not to start any religious wars

    • The only war is against evil.

      Btw, Hope and Faith don't require meds. They are the med....

  • Luciferian? Just how many people are in your family to qualify for "Church Tax Exemption" with you as High Priest? 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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