• Ya, thought so.


    • And please excuse my spelling.


  • The book is online also at,

    Jesus' Words Only
    Website dedicated to proving Jesus' words alone are what we are accountable to follow. We cannot both follow Paul and Jesus.
  • Nemisis, And which Planet are you from and won't you be a bit lonely up there in Heaven all by yourself?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Maybe he's a sniper?  Snipers don't get lonely.

    • In the presents of God, I will never be alone.


    • Presence, bozo and those voices in your head aren't God.  They're a sympthom of schizophrenia.

    • Excuse my spelling, I hope you can use your superior intellect to decipher my meaning and intent. And I don't have any voices in my head. Talk about judging. Man.


    • I hope and pray that I am not the only one in heaven. But the road is wide that leads to destruction, and the other is narrow that leads to salvation. Let it not be said that I was deceived by those who wish my destruction and damnation. I do not profess to belong to this world for I am not of this world but that place for which my lord created for me in heaven.


    • I'd say you're midly psychotic, or smoking some schit.  Like wow man, why don't you roam around out in the desert where the Lord can come directly to you in visions and hallucinations.  Got sandals and a robe?  That would be perfect.

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