• BLM are the terrorize not Trump supporters, idiots accept the truth don't try to make us to think like you. 

  • All I can say is bring it pencil neck. The Patriots are the most powerful faction in this nation. We are ready to spill blood to defend our freedom and we will never quit.

  • MSM are crooks

    • Traitors to be hung.CNN and MSNBC anyway!


  • I blame the so called MEDIA. Really cannot call them that. Thjey need to be investigated. How much money and favors are they getting from the Dems. Bet it is a lot.


    Project Veritas Exposes the DNC - Trained Agitators Pt2
  • BLM is the new Rainbow Push Coalition nothing but a glorified extortion gang that does nothing for the black community.

  • They don't care if they get caught waging a red flag operation or covering for their criminal acts... they are immune from prosecution because our lawyers and courts are operated by spineless pettifoggers who have sold out their birthright for a bowl of porridge... despicable does not sufficiently describe their profession.

  • Yes, it does look like the left is planning something crazy!

    • Yes. But those that were onto their treasonous bull shit  are no longer in a minority. Same with the MSM and now social media just blew its arrogant self up. Sell you're stock in them and look for the upstarts that will replace them Take a pick and you just might hit the lottery.!!  Tyranny of control freaks ain't to cool with a free people..They blew themselves up for sure. Just lke the Dems. Ther's no way they would have fairly won the elction they just STOLE from us. Good luck governing a country you just pissed off to hell,TYRANTS.



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