• They, the Left, really is the culture of death. They seem to love death and politicize it whenever and whereever they can use it to their advantage. The fight for parental rights is now growing.  I don't see a way out of this w/o a huge fight.

    • The key to this fight is to remove our children and grandchildren from the Public School System... Public Schools are the indoctrination centers for Marxist and socialist ideology... they are the centers of anti-Christian dogma and hell's kitchen... where the recipe for our demise as a Christian and Godly People is soundly butchered and lambasted.  

      We need the Churches of America to reopen their doors as the EDUCATORS OF AMERICA"S FUTURE... cooperative home schools with the Church members sharing in the education of their Children as volunteers... Engineers teaching math, computer science majors teaching computer science, the children gleaning the strength of the congregation while receiving the best education possible in a Christian environment.

      While removing our Children from the Public Schools we must work to DEFUND THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS... shut them down.   Provide every parent with an education voucher for the full amount of our government's support for public education. Let the parents determine where best to send their children for an education.  There is no saving the public schools, they're beyond redemption.  Much like the government, they all need to be recalled, closed.

    • Yes, yes and yes. 

  • You know what is frightening about all this? With all that Trump did to improve the court........we aren't certain it is improved!

    • Most of the lawyers who were educated in America over the last 70yrs are a disaster... They took the simplicity of the common law and turned it into a hellish nightmare with their doctrine of anything goes... too, the victor is the spoils.  The now archaic concept that the law is to serve Justice and the People, not the pocketbook, political ideology, or power-hungry, is long dead. 

      It is time to appoint educated men of high moral character to judgeships at all levels... law degrees are not necessary and discouraged...  For the law to serve the common man it must be administered by the common man.  The incestuous relationships that have developed in the legal profession have ended up with the law becoming a tool to advance the judiciary's power not to administer justice.  This must end.

      It is time to rewrite the Federal Judiciary Act to limit the findings of all courts to the case before it.  The present application of Stare Decisis must end.  Case law or the law of the Court MUST NOT REPLACE STATUTORY and CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.  The Activist Judge must be removed.  Every sitting justice must be removed through a single act of Congress... a Recall Amendment and replaced by Justices that understand the Jury is the primary arbiter of the law and facts... that Judges are there to administer the law not to MAKE LAW.

      The Statutory and Constitutional law as written and the law of the Court must be the same.  The application of the law must not be divided or rewritten by Judicial edict/fiat.  The law must apply to everyone equally and fairly.  The Judiciary, both state and federal, needs to be informed that rule by Judicial fiat and case law is over.  The court's findings and juries verdicts must only apply to the case in law before the Court and Jury.  We must establish and maintain a powerful and permanently sitting Grand Jury System as the ONLY SOURCE for indictments of a felony... per the 5th Amendment.  Grand Juries must be independent of the Judiciary and local prosecutors to ferret out political corruption and to administer the law without political bias or the hands of power brokers interfering with justice.

    • The judiciary (and all the other branches and agencies of the government) have been corrupted by anti-American forces like Soros, China and the big tech monsters wishing America to fall. Money and power is all that matters to these people. They must be vanquished and destroyed. The French Revolution has come to America.

  • We have Constitutional Protections, not Constitutional rights. Government did not give the rights, if they did, then they can take them away.

    • Exactly... protections and rights are two different things.  The Constitution protects the People and State Government against overreaching federal government... or is supposed to.  The pettifoggers however have worked the wizardry of linguistic metaphors and their cannons of confusion to distort the simplicity of the natural law and Constitution.  Their objective is to ensure the power of their profession is secure in litigating the law.  Justice has become the servant of the wealthy whose money can buy the best of the Pettitfoggers.

      In the end, it is not what Constitutional protections we have... it is what Judge and which lawyers are standing before the bar, administering the law and our protections.. who ultimately grant us our rights. We no longer have protections. The law no longer serves the people ... its protections are being sold to the highest bidder. and the aristocracy of the new world order.

  • the ACLJ is Christian and they are Patriot Amen!!


    Love Always ans Shalom, YSIC \o/


    Kristi Ann

    • Amen Kristi... if only Jay Sekulow were the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court we may have a different government in place today.

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