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  • YOU CAN BET THE DEMS/COMMUNIST PARTY has ALL gotten the Pleacebo (saline solution) & NOT the REAL GATES/FUDGY Death Shot! When Gates said he wanted to LOWER the World Population from 8 BILLION to 8 Million a RED FLAG should've Popped up for every AMERICAN!! Gates refuses to take any shot as does his family! IT'S BAD! Why does he have these labs? Also, Sorry Ass Soros his Dad & Billy bought out the COVERT Testing Lab! WHAT??? Now when you swab your nose you'll probably be inducing another "Silent Killer" by inhaling it! DON'T get the "WOKE POKE!" 

  • It is easy to imagine there were those in Warsaw, Poland, when the Nazis marched in said, "It's going to be the new norm." Conquered Peoples always find it easy to submit while believing it to be the Best Choice.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • it's going to be the new norm.


    Happily, other countries are farther along in pain-and-suffering than us.

    Unhappily, we may need to get to their status before we too follow suit.


    • Lack of leadership and funding for a counter-revolution is why the people in the USA have not thrown off this fraudulent government... the People need effective leaders, capable of organizing and motivating large numbers of individuals to assemble and remain in the assembly until the government acquiesces to their petitions and grievances.   The masses need to be mustered .... called to order... in an organized manner, with leadership and funding capable of supporting their efforts ... until the people see this sort of leadership and support they will be reluctant to stand up ... fearing individual retribution should they rise up only to be abandoned by their leaders as they cut a deal, to retain their own power, with the enemies of their liberty.  Can anyone say BRAVEHEART... history certainly repeats itself... McConnell you traitor.

    • I hear you! 

      The Norfolk move changes the equation.

      Now the Dementiacrat aspires to be the Royal Joke.

      (remembering the last rascal to quarter foreign occupation troops on the land)

      PORTRAIT VON KING GEORGE III by Joshua Reynolds on artnet

    • Joint base operations and stationing have been happening for decades... beginning with NATO nations... Germany, England, Canada, and others have had entire units stationed for decades at various US posts, airfields, and naval yards... this is not new. 

    • It's this Nation I am concerned for. And a participating group is not the same in nature as an occupying force. 

      Lorretta Lyches 'Strong Cities Initiative' stimatizes any possible participation benefit of doubt to NATOs presence on U.S. territory, especially with civilian police disbandment efforts and domestic terrorist riot provocations.

      NATO based in the USA (on the Atlantic seaboard? No commies there!) is a military intervention waiting for a pretext excuse to occur. IMHO

    • Skeptical you are simply WRONG....

      First, NATO units are not occupying forces by any definition... Occupying forces GOVERN, they administer the laws and keep order in the places they occupy. They are not there by invitation or treaty... they are present by force of arms.

      Next, NATO is a treaty organization that has maintained troops in the USA for decades... since the inception of NATO.  NATO Troops are not considered an occupying force. NATO Forces are present in the USA under treaty provisions, as approved by Congress.

      Finally, the NATO treaty grants permission for member states to maintain troops within the borders of other member nations, including the USA.  NATO troops are not occupying America they are here at our invitation, as partners in support of our National Security plans.

    • Well, I am entitled to hold my own opinion (I said it was such).

      First, the UN and NATO intentions became suspicious to me, when the UN offered to monitor US elections, you do remember?















      No UN “Monitors” of US Elections | American Center for Law and Just...  Yes I know the UN and NATO are different.

      Next, that is fine for standing armies on other territories. I have no need for foreign military to be stationed on US soil. I like the founders are apprehensive of maintaining a standing domestic military .

      Finally, I doubt a China-Russia collaberation excuse offered by Milley, is the reason behind it. The Russian Federation and the CCP are at loggerheads, last I heard. Russia did not want to serve as a NWO lapdog, as China eagerly signed up for.

      Call me Suspiciously Skeptical, but trusting of NATO, the UN, the NWO (WEF), The CCP, The EU, none of them are to turn your back on.



      No UN “Monitors” of US Elections | American Center for Law and Justice
      The United Nations is insisting on “monitoring” our elections in a way that may violate local election laws. The U.N. is not above our laws and the A…
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