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    • Are you always so delusional... The stationing of small NATO units on US territory is not the equivalent of a STANDING ARMY...  and NO YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN SET OF FACTS... our NATO allies or the integrity of our military and its relationship with long term allies like those in NATO are not subject to your opinion they are historical and not one NATO nation has attempted to occupy the USA...

      Why would you suggest that NATO is a problem... listing them with the UN and CCP... is delusional. 

    • Okay, so I err on the side of over caution. 

      Now, I do not want strange folk entering into the picture

      when we have domestic zanies acting as wanna-be fire-breathing marxists,

      fanning the ashes of racism in hopes of scaring up some collective guilt.

      May God show me as a wild-eyed nut and we'll all have a laugh.....and be alive to do so.

      But I will risk loss of respect, if the price for keeping it is unpreparedness.

  • Between 70-80 years previously women who had difficulty carrying their pregnancy full term were given a "Miracle Drug" that worked! Not until all the Female Children born from this Drug reached the ages between 25-35 did they "All develops Ovarian Cancer." Jonas Salk developed a Vaccine for Polio and All American Children were Vaccinated. Within One Year, it was discovered the Salk Vaccine had a 1 to 1 in 3 million chance of an "Actual Vaccination among those given to the children due to the nature of the " Process." The Sabin Vaccine was re inocculated to all the children previously vaccinated, with near 100% effectiveness. In 1957-58 the Hong Kong Flu Pandemic killed between 180,000-220,000 Americans within Six Months, with no Closures Public or Private, and No Face Masks or Vaccines. In 1968 the Asian Flu Pandemic swept the World with no closures, restrictions nor vaccines. In 1972 Worldwide Rumors foretold of a Terrible and Deadly "Swine Flu Pandemic!" The United States neither closed nor restricted anything, however "Mandatory Vaccinations" were required. The First Third was initiated in the Fall after a Live TV Demonstration of President Ford and Family receiving the First Vaccines. The First Wave of Vaccines killed approximately 6% of those receiving it. An additional 6% developed a Sheeth Eating Nerve Disease (Short Circuiting the entire Server System of the Human Body leading to Long Painful Death.) The Freedom of Information Act revealed "Due to a potentially contaminated batch of vaccine, President Ford and Family were inoculated with saline solution (salt water.) The Swine Flu Pandemic never Occurred. The facts of the mathematics prove that Worldwide and including the United States approximately 3-4 times as many humans die from " Heart Disease " as they do any year containing a Pandemic since the Spanish Flu! Isn't it about time the Human Race began using their Brains for something other than something to urinate through?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Coincidence or by design that Covid is on the rise again at the same time illegal immigrants are crossing Biden's open border by the hundreds of thousands every month and being dispursed all over our country by bus and air paid for by hard working taxpayers?  For the sake of our beloved country people, don't vote for a single Communist Democrat in 2022 or 2024.  Otherwise, we will breathe our last breath of fresh free air.

    • This action goes without needing to be said. Fortunately, Progressive libtards are suffering total rejection, not simply because of what they say, but due to lack of credibility.

      If you have not seen this video, you will love it!
    • Vote?  Why?  Your vote is only symbolic and it provides society with the idea they participated in determining who shall govern... wrong.


    • That is exactly what is happening and not one media outlet is reporting it.


    • You are so right

    • AMEN!!! BUT...the voting system MUST be outed AND fixed prior to the 2022 election OR the results WILL be the SAME....AND the folks that conducted the fraudulent voting, whatever FORM , MUST be arrested for sedition and treason and edealt with accordingly. I suggest the same treatmet out Patriots in DC are receiving...beatings, solitary confinement, auditory brainwashing etc....except these folks will deserve it!!!! We the People are PISSED!

    • Remember Debra, Take No Prisoners & with the price of ammo being so high-there will be No Wounding as ammo is scare! Plus the Taxpaying Patriots don't want to WASTE ANYMORE of their money providing medical support to Maggots that may RE-OFFEND!

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