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  • Perhaps it should become mandatory for all to read, "Chicken Little", once more! That and, " The Emperor has no clothes! "

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • The Rise and Fall of Rome woulkd be a good one!

      Then they could question the class on what part of it our Leaders are forgetting to do!!!!!


    • Maybe the Emporer needs to read Chicken Little... and take note of the draft while doing it.  LOL

  • I've talked to people in other countries, even people that have family in Cuba. The fake news liberal media and all US media in general, is not telling the whole story. It's not just about vaccines and lockdown, it's about people being fed up with government control, government mandates, government in general telling us what to do. It's about our freedoms being taken away and, by god, we've had enough of the communist dictatorship control of our lives. It's time for all of us to protest, to tell the elites we will not comply with your silly rules, we will not wear masks, take a untested vaccine, enough is enough. Does anyone else see what going on in all these countries for real? Why are people in the US bowing down like sheep to these commie pinko fags, pardon my French. It time to take our country back.

  • Remember back in the late 1980's and through the 1990's when patriots were involved with militias in several states? There was warnings going out then that the globalists were planning a take over, using UN troops to do the heavy lifting. Well, it is now happening in real time. Those that were called conspiracy theorists are now vindicated. I never dreamed it would be a flu virus that would be used to usher in this NWO. Bill Gates and other banksters are pushing this take over. If we do not stand up and go after these NWO globalists then we are sunk as a nation. These vaccines are compounds that will kill us, maybe not today but in the near future. There are already 1000's of reports that do not make it into the nightly news or on CNN because these globalists own all of the major media, so wqe are lied to and fearmongered into submission. Go to "VAERS", a CDC created website for self reporting on adverse events caused by vaccines. VAERS is reporting over 5,000 deaths caused by the vaccines. !000's of others reporting permanant damage. Back in 1976 there was a swine flu epidemic. 52 people died from the vaccine and it was puilled from the shelf as a result. So why are these vaccines for COVID still being pushed after 5,000 deaths?

    • Well, I'm hearing from overseas the number is 50,000+ And that is just what is being reported. Unlike when people were have accidents or getting the flu and going to the hospital and suddenly dying of Covid, now it's just the opposite, they are having adverse reactions to the vaccine, going to the hospital and supposedly dying from something else. It's not just the media censoring the people dying from the vaccine, the govt & hospitals are in on it now. Most like, the worldwide number is 10 times the 50,000 deaths - more like 500,000.  Communism is rampant worldwide now. 

  • Hope it's the trigger that brings down the COMMUNIST INSURGENCY!!!


  • Being in my mid seventies, I'm with Allen!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I have read a lot of the posts here but I see no actrion on the part of tjhose p[osting here. Are you all afraid? I am 70 years ols, I willmarch with anyone who will go with me. We need the same strength as the Germans and any other country that is atnfing up aginst this tyranny.

    • The folks you mention in the USA have not been taken to the point of desperation that the rest of the World has been. Due process here sputters along but is still active. Nations like Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, France, Italy and yes Germany, have been palpably clubbed regarding civil liberties.

      The Sovereign States gambit utilizing Nullification of unconstitutional federal acts has been a viable, developing one. 

      Now, with the introduction of a NATO naval base in the old Norfolk naval base of Virginia, this is being placed into doubt (Milley ushered them in). 

      No domestic military or police force has seemed eager to impose despotic dictates. Now a new piece is on the US  board.

      Cities ejecting their civilian police force would likely see crime waves, affording a UN NATO response (solicited or not) that the domestic military itself would be hesitant to reply to.But we are armed.

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