• Enjoy, I wish I were closer and could attend, to feel the excitement, hope, promise, and unity!

    • I wonder what LIABILITY INSURANCE costs are... I'll wagger that insurance coverage for these bikers working as security is astronomical. I certainly would not want to work the event without liability insurance and a standing bond for bail.

    • Huge difference being at a Trump event compared to anything else. There are all sort of people, poor and rich, educated and uneducated, young and old, well and sick, there is unity, people are, kind, happy, helpful, did I say kind? Respectful, nice, kind, you never feel unsafe, in fact it's the only time these days when one can feel comfortable and safe in a large crowd. You get the true feeling of a United America. Every so often an idiot gets in and has to be removed, the left always is distructive so at least one will show up, but the removal is uneventful every time.
      The fact that he's doing it and not a candidate is amazing, you never see a politician speaking to the people unless he is actively running and of course wants money. Unless you've been to one of these rallies, it's hard to explain how uplifting it is to be there, it gives you hope, a promise for a better America, and seeing the YUGE numbers makes you realize that maybe it's possible, maybe there is a man who can lead us there. Anyone who says otherwise, you are only trying to rob people of their joy!

    • Call Trump and tell him how it should be done, he obviously doesn't have a clue how to manage these events!

    • Sure, he had them last time  too. They followed him to all his events, even into Manhattan! They parked in the parking lots and sold all sorts of Trump stuff, they loved him then and even more so now!

  • Here's quick history of the FOUNDERS' "REVOLUTIONARY" response to Brittish tyranny (this is NOT a "revolt" OR a "rebellion" where men get mad and grab a pitchfork and "riot" as an angry mob):  :  

    1.  Our FOUNDERS PRAYED seeking to "set things aright" with British leaders;  2.  They SOUGHT ADMINISTRATIVE RECRESS via negotiation and dialogue with King George III seeking to "set things aright, "  and finally after YEARS of ABUSES and REBUFFS by British leadership, our FOUNDERS:  3:  FOUGHT in DEFENSE of their LIVES, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY. 

    FIGHTING is NOT our first choice, BUT it is an option that TRUE PATRIOTS KEEP OPEN as it is often the ONLY ACTION that is EFFECTIVE AGAINST TYRANNY.   

    THOMAS JEFFERSON was reported to have said/ written:  "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."  


  • Absolutely... we must retake the county, state, and then national leadership and management of the GOP... throwing out the RINOs on the way.,  We must co-opt the control of the GOP and reestablish it as the home of true Patriots and COnservatives... identify conservative candidates and throw the RINOs under the bus... DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO RUN AS REPUBLICANS... don't fund them... fund new conservative candidates .. replace the bums with citizen politicians whose feet are anchored in Constitutional law and governance.

    This can be done... but it takes organization, leadership, and funding to find, support, and train grass-root Republicans on how to REMOVE cancer in our party... starting at the local precinct level and working our way up thru the ranks to the RNC leadership... we have the numbers and the power if we direct it properly.

    It is late in the game to start this sort of action... however, it remains possible if we have a LEADER who is willing to FUND a massive training and recruiting program in time for the local conventions... where they are already late challenges may be possible to those selected... at the convention... we must analyze the rules of the state GOP... We should have done this in November immediately after the election and the clear exposure of the corruption in the heart of our Party... it didn't happen... another failure of good leadership to act on known problems.

    Question... How many times do we need to be kicked to the curb before we wake up?  How many times must we face either open betrayal or incompetent leadership?  Is the GOP our party or that of an elite oligarchy looking to chain us to their purposes?

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    • Somebody is not on a ballot and nobody knows where somebody can be found... Somebody needs to lead but nobody wants to follow... So nobody is left without somebody to lead them.

    • The 47-mile truckers convoy is in Canada with Canadian Truckers manning the protest.... not US Truckers.

    • Good now multiply those events by several magnitudes and coordinate it nationally... with sit-ins, tax, and labor strikes, with written petitions, with suggested legislation backed by millions in the streets and on strike nationally... demanding our petitions and legislation be immediately passed into law.. Then.. maybe then, the GOP and Democrat parties will take us seriously.

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