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Response to DC: A Conservative Roundup


There was rarely any Democrat leader or Leftmedia condemnation to the burning, looting, and murdering that took place in leftist urban centers over the last six months. But when there is disruptive behavior on the Right, à la the actions at the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday — ostensibly in the name of “conservatism” — condemnation from genuine conservative political and thought leaders was swift and unequivocal. You will find below a compendium of their righteous anger.

Though Democrats will call for Trump’s resignation and/or impeachment to keep this disgraceful occurrence front and center until the day he leaves office, this is abundantly clear: While the actions of this fringe group of rioting miscreants reflects poorly upon conservatives, in fact it does not represent to any degree the broad spectrum of more than 100,000 Trump supporters at his D.C. rally, or millions of Americans across the nation who have supported his administration’s conservative agenda – none of whom would approve of this inexcusable behavior.

Lawmakers & Cabinet Members

“To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins, and this is still the people’s house. And as we reconvene in this chamber, the world will again witness the resilience and strength of our democracy, for even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this Capitol, the elected representatives of the people of the United States have assembled again on the very same day to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” —Vice President Mike Pence

“The United States Senate will not be intimidated. We will not be kept out of this chamber by thugs, mobs, or threats. We will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation. … Whether our nation has been at war or at peace, under all manner of threats, even during an ongoing armed rebellion and Civil War, the clockwork of our democracy has carried on. The United States and the United States Congress have faced down much greater threats than the unhinged crowd we saw today. We have never been deterred before and we will not be deterred today. They tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed.” —Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

“When it comes to accountability, the president needs to understand that his actions were the problem, not the solution. … There has been a constant effort by people from the president’s legal team to provide misinformation, to distort the facts, to make accusations that cannot be proven. That needs to stop.” —Senator Lindsay Graham

“China’s laughing. They’re loving this tonight. In Beijing, they’re high-fiving because they point to this and say, ‘This is proof that the future belongs to China; America’s in decline.’ Vladimir Putin? There’s nothing that Vladimir Putin could come up with better than what happened here. Makes us look like we’re in total chaos and collapse. Not to mention the Ayatollah, who’s probably bragging to his buddies — if he has buddies — ‘Look what’s happening to the Great Satan.’ I think politics has made us crazy! Everybody in this country has lost their minds on politics. And we have forgotten that America is not a government. America is not a president. America is not a Congress. Let me tell you what America is. America is your family. America is your faith. America is your community. That’s America. That’s what our adversaries don’t understand, and that’s what we need to remember. That is how we’re going to rebuild this country and turn the page and have a future even brighter than our past.” —Senator Marco Rubio

“While law-abiding citizens are the immediate victims of the mob, they aren’t its ultimate target. Mobs attack property like the Capitol and public monuments because they are symbols of civilization. Attacks on these institutions demoralize our people and shake their faith in our government and way of life. The final victim of what Lincoln called ‘the mobocratic spirit’ is thus ‘the attachment of the people,’ the very spirit of civic-minded patriotism that’s necessary to preserve our republic. Strong leaders maintain order not only to protect their people from criminal violence but also to preserve confidence in civilization. Too many leaders have failed in this foundational task over the past year.” —Senator Tom Cotton

“Our democracy cannot be disrupted by criminal behavior. We will not falter. We will not bend. We will not shrink from our duty. Mobs don’t rule America — laws do.” —House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

“The real cause of Wednesday’s unrest was that many officeholders and commentators misled millions of Americans to believe that the vote count was their final chance to have a say, and their last, best chance to fight for election integrity. Millions were lied to and told they had to fight at our Capitol or all would be lost. But Jan. 6 was merely ceremonial — with or without the protesters, the unconstitutional right of objection some lawmakers invoked would have resulted in nothing more than a couple of hours of debate.” —Rep. Dan Crenshaw

“Orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable. The President’s conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and supporters.” —former Attorney General William Barr

“There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, and it is the inflection point for me. Impressionable children are watching all of this, and they are learning from us. I believe we each have a moral obligation to exercise good judgment and model the behavior we hope they would emulate. They must know from us that America is greater than what transpired [Wednesday].” —Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who resigned

“Our country experienced a traumatic and entirely avoidable event as supporters of the President stormed the Capitol building following a rally he addressed. As I’m sure is the case with many of you, it has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside.” —Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who resigned

Columnists & Political Analysts

“The rioters — and the president — have claimed the mantel of ‘law and order’ and ‘support the police’ and yet when it came to obeying the law, preserving order and respecting the police they would have none of it. Conservatives and evangelical Christians, like myself, have for too long rationalized that ignoring the president’s language and behavior was tolerable because of his policies. There comes a time, however (even at this late hour) when one must ask one’s self if this was a Faustian bargain that overwhelmed legitimate policy disagreements. I have been called a traitor, weak, a relic of the past and words unrepeatable in the newspaper because of past criticism of President Trump for lesser things, but in order to retain one’s credibility a standard of right and wrong must be sacrosanct. On Wednesday that standard was jettisoned by people who claim to adhere to it. The excuses, the comparisons with what the left does and the ‘whataboutisms’ won’t cut it this time. This is not conservatism. This is not Republicanism. The Republican Party was founded largely as an anti-slavery party. Too many among today’s members and among conservatives (not always the same thing) have become enslaved to the person and personality of Donald Trump. This is not hero worship. It is idolatry. Conservative principles and ideas are not the property of any one person. It is undeniable that President Trump has done many good things for the country, but at what cost? Republicans have lost their claim to be the party of balanced budgets. Do they also want to lose their claim to be the party of morality and ‘family values’?” —Cal Thomas

“‘What abouting’ what the nation saw on Wednesday is shameful. As someone who condemned the summer riots and criticized the media coverage, we should at least acknowledge the summer rage came from outrage over the deaths of citizens at the hands of the police and the Wednesday rage that led to deaths was based on outrage fueled by lies. The truth, like it or not, is that the President of the United States stoked the passions and fanned the flames of a mob that stormed the United States Capitol in a physical attack on the separation of powers designed to disrupt the democratic processes and institutions of our republic.” —Erick Erickson

“The breaching of the building during one of the longest-running ceremonies under our system of government is the starkest domestic assault on our democracy in memory, and means that in 2021, we indeed failed to have a peaceful transfer of power.” —Rich Lowry

“Political violence begets political violence. That is an iron law. We have to be against that, no matter who commits the violence or under what pretext, no matter how many self-interested demagogues assure us the violence is justified or necessary, as they have been assuring us, lying to us, for the past six months. We have a duty to oppose all of this.” —Tucker Carlson


“The mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday was engaged in nothing less than a seditious insurrection. Everyone who participated in the violence and lawlessness acted disgracefully. Officials who set the tone for the sedition, especially President Trump, acted even more disgracefully, as they are expected to know better, indeed to lead. Political violence is no joke. It destroys the rule of law. … There is a majesty to self-government, but there is no majesty in the depravity of a mob. Arrests and convictions are warranted in response. But that is not all. A massive apology should come from Trump, not that it can be expected. After encouraging violence among his supporters many times, including when he infamously told a rally in 2016 that he would ‘pay the legal fees’ of anyone who would ‘knock the crap out of’ a protester, he has spent the last two months spreading unfounded conspiracy theories about the election and urging his supporters to ‘get tougher.’ He repeatedly incited rallygoers on Wednesday to ‘walk down Pennsylvania Avenue’ to the U.S. Capitol, to ‘not take it any longer,’ and to ‘never concede.’ Trump knew what he was doing. He was whipping a sizable portion of the crowd of his supporters into a frenzy. He was acting like a tinpot strongman, not like the president of the United States. His behavior was inexcusable.” —Washington Examiner

“Although President Trump cannot take all the blame for every action taken by those who stormed the Capitol grounds Wednesday — each person has personal responsibility — his lies about a stolen election and his request that angry protesters march to the Capitol mark a disgraceful and irresponsible incitement that led to an act of mob rule. Trump’s after-the-fact encouragement of the protesters to be ‘peaceful’ was far too little, too late, in addition to being marred by his further wallowing in self-pitying, false conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen from him. Republicans may feel one way or the other about the election. But any Republican official who equivocates about the violence that occurred, or about Trump’s contribution to it, evinces a lack of character that voters should take seriously in the next election. … Wednesday’s violence was different because it took place in the sacred space of the U.S. Capitol. This was not merely another use of violence in order to get attention, like so many others. It was an act of physical intimidation of the people who make the nation’s laws. But political violence is equally destructive of civic bonds whether it comes from the Left or the Right. The founding fathers understood and wrote in explicit terms about the danger that democracy can devolve into mob rule. This is why they established a system of checks and balances in which power is diffused and majoritarian impulses are deliberately frustrated.” —Washington Examiner

“Peace-loving Americans are slow to anger, and it took four years of provocation for it to boil over. The tragedy of the shocking outbreak of disorder in Washington is that, barring one misstep, it likely never would have happened at all. … By calling for the upending of proper constitutional order, Mr. Trump opened the door to an un-American torrent of emotion. At his prompting, the throngs paraded up Pennsylvania Avenue to the West Side of the massive, domed Capitol, and the dogs of chaos were loosed. Their only reward was dishonor and regret. … By giving rein to raw emotion on the Mall … the president and his ardent followers have only made the path back to national greatness a steeper trek.” —The Washington Times

“Donald Trump managed the seemingly impossible yesterday and found a new low. He whipped up and urged on a mob toward the U.S. Capitol, where it breached the building and forced his vice president and lawmakers to flee. He didn’t immediately address the violence and reportedly resisted calling out the National Guard. He finally issued a brief video telling the rioters to go home but expressing his love for them. At no point did he condemn their conduct and at the end of the day, he tweeted that such acts are what happen when an election is stolen (leading to the temporary suspension of his Twitter account). … Trump has never had any interest in the peaceful transfer of power, and yesterday’s events mean that the transfer this year, indeed, hasn’t been peaceful.” —National Review

“Patriots enlist and defend their country. They work hard, do their best, raise good families. They help their neighbors. They perform civic duties. They grit their teeth and pay their taxes. Then they show up and vote. They compete, they win or lose, but they do both with grace. These are some of the things patriots do. Patriots do not storm their own Capitol over a lost election. They do not bum rush members of Congress. They do not assault strangers. They do not push and shove police officers and trash federal buildings. These are things criminals do, and criminals of any political stripe deserve one thing: the rule of law. … The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of western democracy. It is the cornerstone of everything we love. It is apple pie. It’s lining up and shaking hands when the clock hits zero. We have ways to resolve political disputes, including election disputes. What happened in Washington is not on the list. If we want to end the cycle of political violence — and it has become a cycle — now is the time to set the precedent. The left excused this summer’s rioting as ‘mostly peaceful.’ The same could be said of the events in Washington. It’s irrelevant. ‘Mostly’ is not the standard to which we should aspire. Political violence is wrong. Period.” —The Daily Caller   ~ The Patriot Post


Why Were Capitol Police Unprepared?

When pro-Trump forces stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday, roaming and pillaging the halls and offices of Congress, as well as hanging from the walls and posing for photos behind the podiums in the respective chambers, one of the primary questions quickly became how Capitol Police weren’t prepared to stop this disgraceful episode from happening.

Five people are dead, including Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, who died from injuries resulting from reportedly being struck in the head by a fire extinguisher. More than 50 other officers were injured; some were hospitalized. Chief Steven Sund announced his resignation, effective January 16. House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving followed suit, and Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Stenger is likely next, either by his choice or Chuck scumbag/liar-Schumer’s.

To be clear: This is not the fault of the few officers manning the barricades against thousands of people. It is a failure of planning.

Three days before what was supposed to be a rally to coincide with Congress’s vote to certify the Electoral College results, Capitol Police rejected help from the National Guard or FBI agents. Perhaps that’s because Trump supporters haven’t been the violent ones, but given the stakes and the rhetoric coming from even the Oval Office, the lack of preparation was inexcusable.

That, of course, led Democrats to blame the disparity on the same worn out and noxious charge of racism. “If it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting,” scumbag/liar-Joe Biden declared, they would “have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol.” Differently than the white woman, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer?

lowlife/liar-Kamala Harris went even further, proclaiming, “We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer.” Would that be the “mostly peaceful” Democrat protesters who burned down American cities? Besides, the Capitol Police used tear gas multiple times on the Trump mob. And, again, they shot and killed a woman. Three others — aged 55, 50, and 34, respectively — died of unexplained “medical emergencies.”

While everyone’s busy calling for Trump’s head, just remember that these braying jackasses are set to take his place in less than two weeks. These are the same charlatans who winked and nodded most of the summer at their own mob until the polls told them maybe it was time to offer some half-hearted condemnation. Meanwhile, Democrat staffers literally put up bail money for the arrested violent thugs, and Harris herself tweeted a link to the fund.

But we’re supposed to think this is all “systemic racism” causing cops to treat thugs differently?

“We still have a significant amount of work ahead of us to identify and hold each and every one of the violent mob accountable for their actions,” DC Police Chief Robert Contee said at a briefing. Capitol Police released dozens of photos of people who breached the Capitol, including someone who placed two pipe bombs, hoping to follow leads. “We have collected numerous images of persons of interest that we are asking the community to helps us identify,” he said. “These images depict individuals engaged in various acts of violence or property destruction.”

How often did that happen with BLM or antifa rioters last summer? How many BLM and antifa leftists have been subject to federal prosecution? At least 15 such cases have already been filed after Wednesday.

None of this is to excuse, condone, wink, or nod at the behavior on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Nor is it to say “well done” to the Capitol Police. It is, however, to say that double standards are reprehensible.

Finally, a footnote: According to Mark Alexander, “Our congressional sources indicate that somebody told the Capitol Police to stand down on one side of the building, which accounted for a large influx of the fringe-element rioters among the protestors. Whether that order came from inside or outside the Capitol Police chain of command, investigations need to seek that answer to that question.”  

~ The Patriot Post


No, It Wasn't Antifa

One of the behaviors we on the Right use to differentiate ourselves from those on the Left is ownership. We own  our behavior, good and bad. We don’t wring our hands, and we don’t shrink from holding our side accountable. And so it is with Wednesday’s protest — a protest that a relatively small number among many tens of thousands of Trump supporters turned into a riot by storming the Capitol.

Yep, it was a riot. Not a riot in the time-honored sense of the Left — a riot in which buildings are burned, stores are looted, and people are murdered. But when people ignore lawful orders, wrestle with peace officers, and climb over or break through or tear down barriers to entry; when they shatter windows and go through them and make a mess of things, they’re rioting. And that’s what those on our side did Wednesday.

And, no, it wasn’t antifa. At least not in any meaningful sense. Even if the rioters were peppered with an occasional antifa infiltrator — and there’s some reporting that this was indeed the case — there’s no getting around the fact that the overwhelming majority of those who illegally entered the Capitol were ardent Trump supporters. And we can’t be content to say that our side was simply led around by the Left like lemmings.

Andy Ngo, the intrepid Portland-based journalist who’s been covering antifa for years, ought to know. He’s infiltrated them, he’s been badly beaten by them, and he’s had his life threatened by them. He’s seen them up close.

“The people occupying the Capitol building do not look like antifa people dressed in Trump gear or Trump costumes,” he told the Washington Examiner. “I have seen no evidence that they are able to coordinate a mass infiltration on this scale before, so I’m really skeptical that they would have been able to do it here without any of that information leaking out.”

The Examiner’s Will Ricciardella also weighed in. “I didn’t see any BLM or antifa all day and I’ve walked through the crowd a few times. Whatever bad elements there are, they’re vastly outnumbered by everyday folks. I walked through with no problems,” he tweeted.

Yes, we’ve all seen the guy with the fur and the tusks. He’s a well-known QAnon character. And, yes, we’ve seen the knucklehead merrily carrying around the Speaker’s lectern and then supposedly trying to sell it on eBay. If he did manage to leave the grounds with it, and if he did actually post it for sale, that would make him a thief and a capitalist, albeit a pretty sorry excuse for both. (One wonders what he could’ve fetched on eBay for the scraps of the State of the Union speech that Speaker scumbag/liar-Nancy Pelosi shamefully tore up in front of the nation last February.)

“This isn’t antifa’s m.o.,” writes Robby Soave at Reason. “Antifa protesters typically … dress in black and conceal their faces with masks and hoods. Individuals will quickly smash windows and set fires, then blend back into a crowd of similarly dressed people. They don’t aim to get caught. The people who stormed the Capitol, by contrast, were captured in numerous photos and videos. Their faces are easily identifiable. Many are obviously sincere Trump supporters associated with the far right.”

Here’s another reason why we know these folks weren’t antifa: The Capitol building itself is practically a museum. There are priceless portraits, sculptures, and other artifacts all around it. None of them were torn, gouged, toppled, or spray-painted. Yes, those who breached the building made a mess of things inside, but they stopped far short of the defacement, the defilement, and the wanton destruction that are the hallmarks of rioters on the Left.

“After conversations with Senate and House members of Congress in the last 24 hours,” notes our Mark Alexander, “those who were in the Capitol at the time indicate that the building was littered with trash — that some among the tiny, unhinged minority of Trump supporters entered congressional offices and threw papers and some furnishings around those rooms and hallways. But they make clear that there was little or no damage to historic elements in the building — the statues and portraits and other features.”

Alexander also notes that he’s working with Capitol Hill sources to determine the actual number of rioters who entered the building — a number, he’s been told, that is far lower than the “stormed by thousands” talking point being gleefully reported by the Leftmedia.

To be clear: Nobody had any business breaking into the Capitol building. But the vast majority of those who streamed in after the initial wave removed or broke down the barriers did so as peaceful protesters rather than rioters.

Let’s speak the truth, and let’s own it. And the truth is this: But for at most a handful of antifa infiltrators, these folks were ours. And they were wrong.   ~ The Patriot Post


Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt

Judging from the crowd, and from the Washington Monument in the background, the picture was taken while she was on her way from The Ellipse to the Capitol. She’s wearing a gray stocking cap from a brewery in her native San Diego, and she’s got a large Donald Trump flag tied cape-like around her neck. Having just heard the president speak, she looks happy, energized, and among friends.

Her name is Ashli Babbitt, and in an hour or so she’ll be dead.

As the Washington Examiner’s Michael Lee reports, “One video shows people at the doors of the Speaker’s Lobby attempting to break in, smashing windows, and trying to push through the barricade of tables and chairs. One person, now identified as Babbitt, attempts to climb through the broken window when a shot rings out, and Babbitt falls to the ground. Others around her begin to yell for help. Washington, D.C., Police Chief Robert Contee said that Babbitt was shot by the U.S. Capitol Police.”

Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt was by all accounts a patriot. She loved her country deeply — enough to have served 14 years in the U.S. Air Force, including four tours in Afghanistan. Babbitt’s ex-husband, Timothy McEntee, said she was “a wonderful woman with a big heart and a strong mind.” They served in the Air Force together and were married for 14 years before divorcing in 2019.

“I am in a state of shock and feel absolutely terrible for her family,” McEntee said. “She loved America with all her heart. It’s truly a sad day.”

Babbitt, 35, was also a strong supporter of President Trump. She had strong opinions, and she wasn’t afraid to share them. This included a profanity-laced 2018 rant against California’s political class. She had thousands of Twitter followers, and she retweeted everyone from QAnon conspiracy theorists to Edward Snowden to Rand Paul to Mike Pompeo. On Tuesday, her last full day of life, she tweeted, “Nothing will stop us…. they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours….dark to light.”

She also posted a last brief video while on the way to the Capitol.

No one knows what she was thinking there at that broken window, presumably staring directly at an officer’s loaded weapon, but our Mark Alexander, who’s a former law enforcement officer, notes, “The justification standard for of the use of deadly force is imminent danger of death or injury to the officer or others. It can be argued that the officer assumed that standard was met, but the shooting of Ashli Babbitt should be subject to close scrutiny.”

Compare the death of Babbitt, for example, to that of Breonna Taylor, the Black Lives Matter martyr who was killed when, one night last March, Louisville police officers announced themselves before entering her apartment, whereupon her boyfriend opened fire on them, shooting the first officer who came through the door. When the officers returned fire, they accidentally shot and killed Taylor, who was standing in the hallway next to her boyfriend.

For the killing of Taylor, whom recorded phone conversations indicate was the money handler for her former boyfriend’s lucrative drug operation, the city of Louisville awarded her family $12 million. In light of this, what kind of settlement might the federal government, which oversees the Capitol Police, offer the family of Ashli Babbitt?

And how will she be remembered? Is she merely a statistic, or is she something more? Was she a reckless pro-Trump zealot, or the tragic and senseless victim of a nervous cop? Will she soon be forgotten, or will she one day be seen by like-minded Americans as the first casualty in our nation’s Second Civil War? These are difficult, disturbing questions, but perhaps they’re worth wrestling with. One thing is certain, though: When we read the vile comments about her death by those who don’t share her political views, we see that something is very sick within our nation’s body politic.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, an American woman was killed while taking part in a political protest that became a riot. She was unarmed, and at this point it’s unclear why a Capitol Police lieutenant felt it necessary to use deadly force.

Her name was Ashli Babbitt.

Post script: One other woman and two men also died during Wednesday’s events due to “medical emergencies.” Those deaths are being investigated. And late last night, Capitol Police reported the death of one of their own. “At approximately 9:30 p.m. this evening (January 7, 2021), United States Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty,” having returned to his division, collapsing, and then dying at a local hospital.   ~ The Patriot Post

Buckle Up for a Critical Race Curriculum

Once scumbag/liar-Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20, it’ll be time for everyone to look forward to and focus on the future. After all, it’s not only scumbag/liar-Biden but also the people he’ll bring into his administration who will call the shots over the next four years.

One of scumbag/liar-Biden’s key players is Miguel Cardona, former Connecticut commissioner of education, and scumbag/liar-Biden’s choice for education secretary. We all knew scumbag/liar-Biden would do whatever he could to undermine or roll back the progress made by President Donald Trump and now former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, but Cardona is planning on a more extreme agenda.

If Cardona’s history is any indication, our kids will likely be learning a lot about critical race theory in the scumbag/liar-Biden years.

Promoted as a way to make sure the voices of people of color are included in education, CRT teaches young people to despise the foundations of our civilization. This typically includes an assault on the free market, individualism, religion, the traditional family structure, and the like.

As Connecticut’s commissioner of education, CRT is what Cardona pushed. There, the Anti-Racist Teaching and Learning Collective helped develop the curriculum and provides teachers with professional development opportunities so they can become" anti-racist" advocates. Their recommendation to the State Education Resource Center also prepares students to become anti-racist leaders in their communities.

This may not seem like a big problem on the surface, but leftist political ideology has increasingly seeped into our schools in recent decades. It’s one of the reasons why so many young people are ready to throw away our institutions and traditions. The kids we teach today will be in power tomorrow.

If scumbag/liar-Biden and Cardona have their way, when today’s kids become tomorrow’s leaders, they’ll be carrying the torch for the far Left.

Before Cardona is given the green light to push CRT in our schools, the scumbag/liar-Biden administration will first rescind President Trump’s executive order banning it. Last fall, Trump signed an executive order stating that critical race theory “is rooted in the pernicious and false belief that America is an irredeemably racist and sexist country; that some people, simply on account of their race or sex, are oppressors; and that racial and sexual identities are more important than our common status as human beings and Americans.”

As Max Eden, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writes in City Journal, “Most Americans, of any color, reject the premise of inherited guilt based on race, or the demonization of any group by virtue of immutable characteristics. Promotion of critical race theory in schools would produce a backlash and do nothing to promote the healing and national unity that scumbag/liar- Biden claims to seek.”

Eden adds, “It seems all but certain that on education, Biden will govern to the left of Barack scumbag/liar- nObama.”

Rather than teaching our children what unites all Americans, Cardona as secretary of education will make sure our children learn to hate their country. Throw in scumbag/liar-Biden’s opposition to school choice and his plan to reassert scumbag/liar-nObama’s Title IX protections to include “gender identity,” and we’ve got a tough period ahead for the most vulnerable and impressionable citizens: our children.

It’s time to buckle up and brace for an onslaught of leftist ideology in our nation’s classrooms. But knowledge is power, and parents who know what’s being taught in our schools don’t need to wait for the next election to protect their kids from the poisonous precepts of critical race theory.   ~ The Patriot Post


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Amid Chaos, Our Resilient Republic Endures

Like many Americans, I watched in disbelief Wednesday as an angry mob stormed our U.S. Capitol. As members of Congress gathered to certify the electoral votes of the presidential election, a band of criminals decided to take matters into their own hands. As this horrible act is investigated, it will be determined exactly who they were, and they must be held accountable.

The consequences were tragic. Four people dead, others injured. Unanswered questions of how it happened. The democratic process and the peaceful transition of power, which makes American democracy the model for the world, thrown into chaos.

And yet, just hours later, I watched one of the most amazing things happen in the same building where the mob had roamed earlier in the day: I watched the durability of that American democracy.

There was Vice President Mike Pence, reprising his earlier role and calling to order the U.S. Senate as it considered an objection to Arizona’s electoral votes.

“To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today, you did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the people’s house,” Pence said. “As we reconvene in this chamber, the world will again witness the resilience and strength of our democracy. For even in the wake of unprecedented violence and vandalism at this Capitol, the elected representatives of the people of the United States have assembled again on the very same day to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

"So may God bless the lost, the injured, and the heroes forged on this day,” he continued. “May God bless all who serve here and those who protect this place. And may God bless the United States of America. Let’s get back to work.”

There are few people I hold in higher regard than Mike Pence. A man of faith, principle, and character, he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. And that’s precisely what he did.

We as conservatives should not be willing to abandon the Constitution in order to maintain power for a preferred candidate. Defeat never comes easily, particularly for those of us who are fighters, but we can’t jettison this country’s foundational principles or undermine the Constitution and the rule of law — the very things that ensure America remains the free nation that it is.

While I understand the frustration that Americans feel about the many factors that affected the election outcome — including a biased media, Big Tech censorship, and attacks on election integrity — there are appropriate ways to petition government to redress their grievances. Storming our U.S. Capitol is not one of them. Violence should not be used as a tool to bring about change, and those who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

America will soon have a new president whose administration will challenge conservatives on a range of policy issues.

Our fight with the left is over the issues plaguing America, and fight we will. We will use all the tools at our disposal, but we will always respect the rule of law. Ideas matter, and I am confident that in the battle of ideas, we can win the heart and soul of America. We must use the Constitution and the American way of life as our guideposts.

As President-elect scumbag/liar-Joe Biden takes office on Jan. 20, more challenges lie ahead, including pushing back against an agenda of socialist policies and job-crushing laws and regulations; pushing back against those who tolerate violent unrest and attacks on law enforcement; and protecting the American people from those who threaten free speech, religious freedom, the right to life, the right to bear arms, and other fundamental American rights.

One of our biggest challenges is restoring trust in the American electoral system. That’s why The Heritage Foundation will redouble our efforts to educate Americans about attempts to subvert election integrity, to identify cases of voter fraud, and to make policy recommendations to protect the integrity and accuracy of all elections.

The functioning of our republic depends on freedom-loving Americans who uphold the rule of law and defend the Constitution. We have our work cut out for us in the years ahead.

Heritage has fought for the interests of the American people for nearly 50 years and through 12 presidential elections, no matter who occupies the White House or who holds the majority in Congress.

We will continue to advocate for solutions that ensure America remains a land of unprecedented opportunity and the freest, most prosperous nation the world has ever known. I can assure the American people that Heritage will never stop fighting for America, but we will always do it adhering to the principles that made America the exceptional nation that it is.   ~ The Patriot Post

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