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Georgia's Not-So-Peachy Runoffs Today
WP8rzZFdHC6BVe70R0NFo_CAJaE_eDZv01D8uPY9nEtOdLKbUlOCGeEMvjHiRB-SZ_FGbya8bUoLF_LC4FfEnA6sGzPo0lHYnzcbG6jAO-CdA2VFTHFGiCCijXY2A7RyMLQ0KLL707JtytrlIv1Xdu72gZz-4ULIAR9vXby1eAIBE35c=s0-d-e1-ft#?profile=RESIZE_400xNATE JACKSON  Mercifully for every one of Georgia’s nearly 10 million residents, the state’s two Senate runoff elections finally take place today. Nearly $500 million has been spent since Election Day, and the nonstop ads and phone calls are grating. But we in our humble shop, some of whom live in Georgia, will be glad for Wednesday only if the U.S. Senate isn’t captured by Chuck scumbag/liar-Schumer and his radical Democrat legions.

Republican Senator David Perdue faces Democrat challenger socialist-Jon Ossoff, the inheritance welfare liberal who gets all his money either from Dad or California leftists.

GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler, meanwhile, is in a matchup with socialist-Raphael Warnock, the radical pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the Atlanta congregation once pastored by Martin Luther King Jr. However, whereas King preached that character mattered more than skin color, socialist-Warnock spews racial hatred such as demanding that America “repent of its worship of whiteness.”

To help their case with aggrieved Georgia supporters of President Donald Trump, both Perdue and Loeffler have encouraged their Republican Senate colleagues to oppose certification of the Electoral College vote on Wednesday. Loeffler explicitly announced Monday that she’ll join them. Trump himself of course spent a large portion of his stump speech Monday on the subject.

The good news for Republicans is that, with the exception of the (contested) presidential race, the Peach State has been red for more than two decades. The bad news is that it’s trending blue.

For one thing, Georgia’s Republican legislature made a Faustian bargain with the devil in the form of Hollywood, offering huge tax breaks for the production of movies and TV shows in hopes of generating an economic boon. Georgia is indeed now the “Hollywood of the South,” and everything from Netflix shows to Marvel movies are filmed and produced in the state. Well, guess what? Hollywood doesn’t vote Republican. In fact, the glitterati even used its mere presence as a political boycott threat over pro-life legislation.

More importantly, the state’s Democrats have mobilized to register voters. Mark Alexander asks the BIG question: “Given that the state’s leading leftist protagonist, Stacey Abrams, has registered more than 115,000 additional Demo voters since November in a state where even Republican Governor Brian Kemp is not backing Trump’s election challenge, can either GOP Senate candidate win?”

According to Alexander: “Democrats are, once again, following the model perfected by Barack scumbag/liar-nObama and his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who declared, ‘You don’t ever want a good crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.’ Leftists have masterfully used the ChiCom Virus pandemic as national justification for their ground game. They have registered tens of millions of new voters who are not politically informed or engaged by using the loosest criterion for identification. Democrats choose those who would not otherwise show up at a polling place in states that still require an ID, and then ensure they will receive absentee or bulk-mail ballots. This accounts for the enormous surge in voters in November, and the vast majority of those mail ballots came from Democrats.”

So, what’s the problem with mail-in ballots, particularly those bulk-mailed to all registered voters in some states? Alexander notes, “Beyond the loose identification requirements for voters in many states, the authentication of those ballots is done by signature comparison — authentications being verified by rooms full of bureaucrats and hourly contract workers who have only the most tangential instruction on signature verification and very limited time.”

More than three million Georgians cast ballots before today’s official election, and it’s almost certain that Republicans turning out today face a steep deficit. Perdue bested Ossoff by a little more than 100,000 votes in November, while failing to crack the necessary 50%. The margin was roughly the same for Republicans vs. Democrats in the Loeffler contest, though it was split among 20 candidates.

Again, Stacey Abrams has registered more than 100,000 voters since Election Day.

Remember what’s at stake. President Trump certainly does, telling a rally in the north Georgia town of Dalton that if both Democrats win, handing them control of the Senate, it would give them “the power to ram through every deluded piece of left-wing legislation that they’ve ever wanted, that they’ve ever dreamt of.” He added, “Your religious liberty will be gone, your Second Amendment will be gone, your borders and great new wall will be gone, your police departments will be gone as we know them, and your life savings will be gone.”

The moment isn’t lost on scumbag/liar-Joe Biden either. He told a rally in Atlanta, “It’s a new year, and tomorrow can be a new day for Atlanta, for Georgia, and for America. Unlike any time in my career, one state — one state — can chart the course, not just for the four years but for the next generation.”

Indeed it can.   ~The Patriot Post    


The GOP's Specious Plan to Challenge Electoral College Vote
etGyMDxRNNato7FGatMEcsSCmwqnsbtajBZpP3mlYoHThA_94KMloni-fsGI7c_cWnQwlcOr78GztiyfZyzfjU_ZvLUVdyZnaxm-QhCBe2S1QJw6LoKiXtNatN2GmFNIVjaJvoIL6k0c7Gw35mhKFBrhLfM5nzBMSD5YyqaVbOgIKw9S=s0-d-e1-ft#?profile=RESIZE_400xTHOMAS GALLATIN   A group of Republican senators led by Josh Hawley (MO) and Ted Cruz (TX) announced last week their intention to formally object to scumbag/liar-Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory when Congress jointly meets on Wednesday to official tally the electors’ votes and certify the 2020 presidential election result. More than 100 GOP House representatives reportedly will also join their Senate colleagues in the objection. While Democrats have loudly decried the action as “sedition,” in reality such objections have increasingly become  commonplace thanks to Democrats.


That said, this move by Republicans, following all the failed attempts by President Donald Trump and his legal team in challenging the election results in several battleground states over allegations of widespread fraud, smacks primarily of political pandering and posturing rather than any legitimate effort to overturn the election results.

What will happen is that Congress will meet, the faction of GOP senators and representatives will file objections, debate will ensue resulting in no change to the current tally of Electoral College votes, and scumbag/liar-Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20.

The question that appears to be dividing many Republicans and conservatives is whether the actions taken by Senators Hawley, Cruz, et al. in continuing to contest the election are damaging to the party, or whether those refusing to take this stand are actually doing the damage. While the argument that Democrats have similarly acted to file objections in the past over “concerns” about electoral fraud holds historical merit, that does not mean it sets a precedent Republicans should use to justify their own clearly politically calculated actions.

It should come as an embarrassment for conservatives and Republicans to defend their electoral objections based upon the 2004 antics of then-Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer (CA), who objected to Ohio’s electors. Now Hawley and Cruz are essentially arguing in defense of what was indefensible at the time. Boxer was wrong then and, as much as we hate to say it, Hawley and Cruz are wrong now. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The fact of the matter is that Trump has failed to prove the election fraud he has so loudly and repeatedly lamented. While we certainly believe that Democrats deviously stacked the deck in their favor via an unprecedented mail-in voting campaign and widespread media censorship, and while there is evidence of voter fraud, it was not enough to move the courts — not even Trump-appointed judges — to overturn any election results. The problem for Republicans is that Trump has steadfastly refused to concede, and has thus left congressional Republicans with the difficult task of navigating electoral reality while also seeking to support the president and not alienate his supporters.

Finally, leave it to two conservative stalwarts, Senators Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Mike Lee (R-UT), to inject some needed constitutional sobriety into the issue. They released a statement on Sunday flatly noting, “The Founders entrusted our elections chiefly to the states — not Congress. They entrusted the election of our president to the people, acting through the Electoral College — not Congress. And they entrusted the adjudication of election disputes to the courts — not Congress. Under the Constitution and federal law, Congress’s power is limited to counting electoral votes submitted by the states.”

The statement continues, “If Congress purported to overturn the results of the Electoral College, it would not only exceed that power, but also establish unwise precedents. First, Congress would take away the power to choose the president from the people, which would essentially end presidential elections and place that power in the hands of whichever party controls Congress. Second, Congress would imperil the Electoral College, which gives small states like Arkansas a voice in presidential elections. Democrats could achieve their longstanding goal of eliminating the Electoral College in effect by refusing to count electoral votes in the future for a Republican president-elect. Third, Congress would take another big step toward federalizing election law, another longstanding Democratic priority that Republicans have consistently opposed.”

Trump and his supporters have plenty of legitimate grievances. Some are not so legitimate. But Republicans are venturing into territory they’re going to regret, sooner or later.   ~ The Patriot Post


Electoral College Double Standard Emerges Again
n2OfQCeFUmLnxNvq98cvJExxELZIpRs-K6s1whM6qEbERHSQWcUS9NgZkviRZCrqXJIOtitUBlQrvbF8ebAfgDEZKMMKi-E3tsx6nZTZxlvelpkbhk4GUJ0NHVF7TMcH-5HgPuIX002TyOArJG2amTD9el5rorHvbQ5i7iboUuGbWhQb=s0-d-e1-ft#?profile=RESIZE_400xHAROLD HUTCHISON   To listen to the mainstream media, an unprecedented attack on our nation’s norms and standards is taking place, and it’s being carried out by Republicans backing President Donald Trump. Their unprecedented crime? A plan to contest the validity of the electoral votes in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

A quick spin through recent history, though, shows that the Republicans’ actions aren’t unprecedented at all. Take a look at the Congressional Record for three dates:  January 6, 2001January 6, 2005; and January 6, 2017. During the formal count of the electoral votes in the last three presidential elections won by Republicans, Democrats attempted to raise objections. In 2005, they forced votes on whether to toss out Ohio’s electoral votes. And in 1969, a Michigan Democrat was the first to ever file a formal objection during the Electoral College count, when Michigan Representative John O'Hara  objected to a single faithless elector in North Carolina’s count.

Does anyone believe that had Trump won the Electoral College on November 3, the Democrats wouldn’t be planning to issue a challenge today?

Here’s what Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin said of Barbara Boxer, the senator who forced the 2005 challenge: “Some may criticize our colleague from California for bringing us here for this brief debate. I thank her for doing that because it gives Members an opportunity once again on a bipartisan basis to look at a challenge that we face not just in the last election in one State but in many States. Because of different electoral practices in States across America, voters who wish to cast a vote for President or Vice President cannot approach the polls with certainty that their vote will be counted or that they can vote in a fair and convenient manner.”

And here’s what former Klansman and West Virginia Democrat Senator Robert Byrd said: “I applaud the efforts of the senator from California, Mrs. Boxer, and the Congressional Black Caucus to defend the integrity of the electoral process.”

Compare this lack of outrage to the indignation over the planned objections of Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and several other Republicans. This is a challenge and remedy sought on arguable legal and constitutional grounds, provided that the procedural requirements are met — and with Hawley’s announcement, they will be, as they were in 1969 and 2005. The only significant difference between Boxer and Hawley is their party affiliation.

Given the credible allegations of voter fraud, the laws being circumvented or flouted, the harassment aimed at those who represented President Trump in his legal battles, and the blatant denial of transparency during the count (see, for instance, putting cardboard over the windows at a Michigan counting center), there’s an undeniable appearance of impropriety surrounding the conduct of the 2020 presidential election. And it may have affected congressional races, too.

Beyond this, there’s also a disturbing pattern to the claims of the Left: They’re being used by Big Tech to increase censorship, tilting an already unfair set of circumstances to be even more so. These hysterical claims will also be used to justify actions like the Cuomo-James war on dissent in New York.

But this isn’t about sedition — that’s just the Left’s phony pretext. The real “crime” is that grassroots Patriots aren’t rolling over and meekly tolerating the intolerable, which is the Left’s insistence that Joe Biden won this election fair and square.

And that, of course, is the ultimate trust-wrecker — a double standard. According to a recent Rasmussen survey, “62% of Republicans say it’s Very Likely the Democrats stole the election, a view shared by 17% of Democrats and 28% of voters not affiliated with either major party.”

Suffice it to say that our nation will have a hard time healing itself when tens of millions of our citizens believe the 2020 presidential election was deeply flawed, and one of our major political parties worked to create that reality.   ~ The Patriot Post


Microsoft's Bug: Tech Giant Breached by Russian Cyberattack
d9z1oC57jTb4tlOWO1fhimbTusoTYKldnCX1D-ex2H-O9YD4nikNfRbUqhP1aBHdJPeSEJ6w3uT6msEJ6sGK1Lb7T_OAV7wlmRi43Ip0NR0YtppiJUVDD_DRbWYTYRqjiFTDtBJDrjHJUo_ZLfWaQMfATOrzk4Y5H2bqkVBaqrAc0RPq=s0-d-e1-ft#?profile=RESIZE_400xTHOMAS GALLATIN   Last month’s discovery of a Russian-linked hacking of several U.S. government network systems now reportedly includes another target: U.S. tech giant Microsoft Corp. The allegedly Kremlin-backed hackers gained access to Microsoft’s internal system and viewed source code used in building software products. Microsoft confirmed that hackers used SolarWinds, the software developer compromised and used by hackers to infiltrate several U.S. government and corporate networks.


This latest revelation goes to show the scope and likely intent of the hackers. As The Wall Street Journal reports, “Microsoft’s disclosure raises the specter that the hackers may have targeted and then compromised other technology companies as well, said Sherri Davidoff, chief executive of the security consulting firm LMG Security LLC. ‘That’s why these hackers are going after these companies,’ she said. ‘They don’t want access to just one company. They want access to everything.’”

Thus far, Microsoft has refused to disclose what products or internal system may have been affected by the hack, only stating that the company “found no evidence of access to production services or customer data” and “no indication that our system was used to attack others.”

The months-long SolarWinds attack has “also compromised at least one reseller of Microsoft’s cloud-based computing services and tried to use that as a way of gaining access to emails belonging to the cybersecurity vendor CrowdStrike Inc.,” the Journal further reports. “That attempt was unsuccessful, CrowdStrike said last week. Microsoft is the world’s second-largest cloud-computing company after Inc.”

The implications of just how damaging and far-reaching this Russian hack really was are yet to be fully known.    ~The Patriot Post


Rush Limbaugh Closes Out a Tough Year
0hmebKOxs98NqLUYH9EqfNgYLdxVDPZTX6qjVyQ2jqZmhMYVr402gu_xAOxuUqt8TIL2i0e5FN8zLou1YxI0u2nvCSrLQhrGn1zKB3Ucsx5BvK1F8MZFq2AAXcMRy6XE5DXo8qlF7LiIR2YcpMcmXY76c4vD4-Q6ppduf4lM_ODAUfRM=s0-d-e1-ft#?profile=RESIZE_400xDOUGLAS ANDREWS   “My feelings of great gratitude always surface at the Christmas time of year, and it’s no different this year.”

So said Rush Limbaugh during his December 23 radio show, his last of 2020. “Now, in January of this year, toward the end of the month,” he continued, “I received a … stage 4, advanced lung cancer, terminal diagnosis. … I wasn’t expected to make it to October and then to November and then to December — and yet here I am. Today I’ve got some problems, but I’m feeling pretty good today. God’s with me today. God knows how important this program is to me today, and I’m feeling natural in terms of energy, normal in terms of energy, and I’m feeling entirely capable of doing it today.”

That December 23 show was Rush’s last of 2020. And given the gravity of his diagnosis, it’s unclear how many more shows he’ll do. But on this day, he wouldn’t be kept from thanking his audience. “You have no idea what you all have meant to me and my family,” he said. “The day’s gonna come, folks, where I’m not gonna be able to do this.”

Back in 1992, when his Excellence in Broadcasting Network was still in its infancy, Rush had already settled into a groove — a groove that has lasted more than three decades. “The views expressed by the host on this show,” he’d say, “are not necessarily those of the staff, management, nor sponsors of this station, but they oughta be.”

Not too shabby for the guy who CBS’s Steve Kroft introduced during a “60 Minutes” profile piece as “a twice-divorced college dropout and disc jockey.”

To look back on Kroft’s interview of Limbaugh is to take a trip back in time and to contemplate one’s own mortality. Everyone who remembers the early years of the scumbag/liar-Clinton administration also remembers the early years of Rush Limbaugh — and also realizes that none of us are as young as we used to be.

Even back then, when his thin-skinned leftist detractors first tried to get him off the air by boycotting his advertisers, Rush could see down the road and around the bend, calling this heightened sensitivity “today’s fascism.”

The secret to his success? “I think I just happen to be saying what a whole lot of people think and don’t have a chance to say themselves.” Spot on.

“I know the liberals call you ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America,’” said Ronald Reagan back in 1992, “but don’t worry about it. They used to say the same thing about me. Keep up the good work.”

And work he did. “I’m trying to attract the largest audience I can,” he said, “and hold it for as long as I can, so that I can charge advertisers confiscatory advertising rates.”

Challenged by Kroft about the violent potential of his words, Limbaugh wasn’t buying it. “If I were of the attitude,” he said, “that my primary goal was to go in that studio every day and make sure that America heard everything I said and acted on it … the ratings of this show would just plummet, because the fun would go, it’d be too serious, it’d be what liberals do. They’re always wringing their hands, not having any time for fun, and being critical of virtually everything.”

“So Rush Limbaugh is behaving like a true conservative,” said Kroft, “placing his faith in free speech if not good taste, and in free enterprise. The marketplace will eventually decide.”

Memo to Mr. Kroft: The marketplace did decide, and it did so a long time ago. Rush won, and the Left lost.

In his 1992 bestseller, The Way Things Ought to Be, Rush closed out his intro chapter with a sentiment that’s as fitting today as it was then. “So, take some advice,” he wrote. “Lighten up. We should all laugh more at ourselves. I don’t need to improve much in this area, but admit it, many of you people do. Many of you take things far too seriously in most cases. Come on, laugh at yourselves, folks. And if you can’t laugh at yourself, turn these pages and laugh at me laughing at you.”

Let’s enjoy him while we can, because he won’t pass this way again. He’s Rush Limbaugh, he’s El Rushbo, and he’s one of a kind.  

~ The Patriot Post


AX7E-R2UbdvckzDHiXztJ0PrsBebykPkX60JtYcR_I4608MD076l3V9DM56LXG126QqiqyjwJU4uLeHIHNWELSuFmJDr00xxfT1wi2BFE5pmvYMjSPdiSp0pm81qJSNJCuQoXzac3cPEsCeA3dLfufo3Acxlxes=s0-d-e1-ft#<a href=
A Momentous Week

President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and scumbag/liar-Joe Biden were all in Georgia yesterday rallying their respective bases for today’s Senate runoff elections. How those races turn out is anyone’s guess.

Polling, which hasn’t been very accurate, suggests both contests are toss-ups. The early vote figures indicate a record-breaking turnout for the runoff election, with the data suggesting a slight advantage for the Democrats.

Meanwhile, 118,000 voters who did not vote in the November presidential contest have voted in the Senate runoff elections. Exactly who are those people?

Here’s what we do know for certain: Progressive activist worthless-Stacey Abrams has built an incredible political machine that has turned a once reliable conservative state into a major battleground, while the Georgia Republican Party has been sleepwalking.

In addition, there is now a conservative backlash against the Georgia party establishment. A new poll shows Gov. Brian Kemp losing a potential 2022 primary to former Rep. Doug Collins by 20 points!

Then on Wednesday, while we’re likely still waiting on the results of the Georgia Senate runoff elections, Congress will convene in a joint session to count the Electoral College votes. A dozen Republican senators and more than 100 House members are planning to contest the results of various states.

Their challenges are exposing the growing gap between Trump conservative populists and the old guard in the Republican Party.

For example, as tens of millions of Americans remain deeply suspicious of the results, Rep. Liz Cheney, who has never seen a foreign war she didn’t like, is telling her colleagues that she’ll be AWOL from this fight. And Paul Ryan also chimed in, essentially saying, “Count me out, too.”

Cheney and Ryan are perfect examples of why the GOP has struggled to be a governing party. Cheney spends her time trying to get us into more no-win wars, while Ryan did virtually nothing to confront communist China or combat the increasing radicalization of the Democrat Party.

Given all the irregularities we have seen in the 2020 election, I believe conservative senators and representatives are right to challenge the Electoral College votes.

As Rep. Jim Jordan explained, one of the biggest problems is how many state officials and courts arbitrarily changed and ignored the election laws passed by their state legislatures, which is simply unacceptable. Laws are supposed to be followed as written, not rewritten at whim by bureaucrats.

By the way, what House and Senate conservatives are doing is not a “coup” as some progressive media commentators have suggested. Such comments put their constitutional ignorance on full display.

What they are doing is part of a clearly delineated constitutional process. And that would be the very same process that Democrats have used to challenge the Electoral College results of every single Republican president this century.

scumbag/liar-Pelosi’s Rules

The left’s insanity knows no bounds, and it has a firm grip over the Democrat Party. According to new rules proposed by Speaker scumbag/liar-Nancy Pelosi, certain words will be banned in the House of Representatives.

Of course, decorum and common decency prevent representatives from uttering certain objectionable words. But most Americans would not consider scumbag/liar-Pelosi’s newly banned words “objectionable.”

If scumbag/liar-Pelosi has her way, henceforth in the People’s House our representatives will no longer be able to say “husband,” “wife,” “son,” “daughter,” “he,” or “she.” Gendered terms are banned.

I can’t wait for this year’s congressional resolution honoring Mother’s Day. And can we still refer to “congressmen” or to Mrs. scumbag/liar-Pelosi as “Madame Speaker”?

This is beyond absurd! But it has been going on in schools for years, where many forms now read “parent one” and “parent two.”

Dr. James Dobson and I have warned about the left’s effort to deconstruct gender and the family for years. This assault on normalcy is a pathetic attempt to appease an extreme vocal minority.

Demonstrating just how deep the left’s rot extends, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, whose first name means “God is with us,” seems confused about a number of things. His opening prayer of the new Congress suggested that all religions worship the same god. One could write a whole book about that.

But he concluded his prayer by saying “Amen and awoman.”

This congressman apparently thinks “amen” is a gender-specific term. It has nothing to do with men or women. It has similar meanings in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew meaning “certainly” or “truly.”

What does “awoman” mean? Absolutely nothing!

So, while you’re struggling to pay your bills or save your business, just know that progressive members of Congress, who haven’t missed one paycheck during the pandemic, are worshipping at the altar of left-wing insanity.

Speaking of language, there’s a new mutation of the coronavirus making headlines. It’s most often referred to as the “UK variant” of the virus.

But I thought we weren’t supposed to name a virus’s country of origin because that would be racist. After all, we’re not supposed to call COVID the “Chinese virus” or even the “Wuhan virus.” So why are so many journalists referring to this new strain as the “UK variant”?

About That Call…

I’m sure you’ve seen the news about President Trump’s weekend call with Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state. Someone leaked a recording of the call to The Washington Post, presumably someone on Raffensperger’s staff or the secretary of state himself.

Predictably, big media are quoting the president without critical context and doing their best to distort the call. The media have obsessed over one line, suggesting that Trump expected Raffensperger to manufacture more votes for him.

But if you read the whole transcript, the president was really saying that a full and transparent audit, especially in Fulton County (Atlanta), would reveal that he won the state by a large margin.

It is not necessary for Raffensperger to manufacture votes because the president and his team believe that many illegal votes for scumbag/liar-Biden would be identified and rejected by a thorough, transparent audit.   ~ The Patriot Post

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