The Pace of Obamagate Unraveling is Quickening

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Is Peter Strzok Cooperating with John Durham? – Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley thinks so. Since leaving Fox, Housley has continued to stay in touch with his sources at the DOJ and within the Intelligence Community, and periodically reports interesting information on his Twitter feed.

He recently issued two tweets indicating he has been told that FBI Super-Duper Agent and aspiring latin lover Peter Strzok is now cooperating with Durham and his investigators:

To reinforce the point I made yesterday about Durham’s job in unraveling the treasonous activity that took place in the Obama FBI/DOJ/CIA being incredibly complex, I’d also point you to this recent tweet from Housley:

And this one…

Meanwhile, on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program hosted by Maria Bartiromo, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Bartiromo that the FBI “lied their asses off” about the reliability of the Steele Dossier, and that he will be releasing more proof about that before the end of this week: “Here is what I think I’m going to be able to show to the public. Not only did the FBI lie to the court about the reliability about the Steele dossier, they also lied to the Congress. That’s a separate crime.”

Obviously, everything Graham says has to be taken with a grain of salt. But it is worth pointing out that, on the same program Sunday before last, Graham told Bartiromo that his committee had uncovered proof that Steele’s sub-source was a complete fraud. Of course, Director of National Intelligence John Raticliffe – who is proving to be every bit the bulldog in that job that his predecessor, Ric Grenell was – released some previously-classified documents last week demonstrating Graham’s point, and is apparently planning to release more documents this week.

This is all unraveling now, folks, and the pace is quickening. As I’ve chronicled here over the last year, all of the information conclusively proving the treasonous actions of the coup cabal within the FBI/DOJ led by James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Strzok is now out on the public record. Everyone who has been paying attention and has the ability to reason logically now understands the monumental nature of the crimes committed against our very system of government by these despicable coup plotters, and that the organizing momentum behind it went all the way up to the Oval Office itself.

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    • Limited Martial Law would permit the President to suspend certain actions by the federal Couts... and to waylay the hundreds of cases that would be filed to challenge the President's authority to personally 'take care' that the laws be faithfully executed. (See: Article 2, Section 3 US Constitution) Martial Law would permit the President to go after individuals in the FBI, DOJ, Intel Services, and others who have or are currently violating our laws with impunity.  The use of Martial Law to ensure that the deep state is dissolved and held accountable for their lawless conduct is the only way indictments of any consequence will occur, as there simply are too many agents in the government implicated in treason, sedition, and insurrection to expect them to self-incriminate or confess. 

      Next, Martial law would permit the President to regulate our current election processes free from fraud... ensuring they are fair and honorable... not the product of deliberate and widespread voter and election fraud.  If the President permits mail-in ballots and allows states to send ballots to all those registered to vote... many will be receiving multiple ballots the result of improper and illegal voter registration records, and the dead may be voting from the grave.  

      Mail-In Ballots must be limited to those who qualify as absentee voters... those, not in the state or able to be PRESENT to vote... hospitalized, nursing homes, traveling on business, etc.  Those who are in a lockdown situation must be provided with extended voter access to the POLLS, not the MAIL... The States can schedule voting by Alphabet over 2-3 days if needed... to stagger voter turn-out and keep social distancing requirements while at the polls.  Provide a final day of voting in person for those who due to unforeseeable circumstances may vote. No mail-in ballots for able-bodied voters present on election day(s).

      Mail-in ballots invite massive fraud... the normal process for challenging a voters legitimacy to vote are circumvented... One does not know who filled out the ballot.  We only know that someone, claiming to be the voter, completed the ballot. Mail-in voting must not be permitted.  Currently, the only way to stop it would be by declaring Martial Law and directing the states to extend the number of days one may vote in person to accommodate social distancing and access to the polls.  Under Mail-in Voting... Huge numbers of voters who have registered and move have died, and millions of voters whose unlawful vote may go unchallenged... will vote by mail. Millions of mail-in ballots could suddenly be lost, as there is no method for the voters mailing the ballots to know for certain that their ballot was counted and counted for the correct candidate(s)... Whereas, an in-person vote is confirmed when cast by the device used to take their vote.  There are just too many ways voter and election fraud can occur and has occurred, using mail-in ballots.  I for one don't want the dead voting by mail.

      Martial law will permit the President to personally round up the deep state operatives who have avoided arrest... Those individuals that the FBI and DOJ simply can't seem to find or refuse to bring to justice.  In 3 1/2 yrs not one major political figure has been indicted for their acts of open criminal conduct... by the FBI and DOJ... Federal law enforcement and the courts have become ineffective in the dispensing of impartial justice.  They have more than demonstrated they are unable to faithfully execute the Law.  In fact, many of the members of the DOJ, FBI, and Courts may have engaged in criminal conduct, making their agencies questionable partners in the lawlessness.

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