The Pace of Obamagate Unraveling is Quickening

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Is Peter Strzok Cooperating with John Durham? – Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley thinks so. Since leaving Fox, Housley has continued to stay in touch with his sources at the DOJ and within the Intelligence Community, and periodically reports interesting information on his Twitter feed.

He recently issued two tweets indicating he has been told that FBI Super-Duper Agent and aspiring latin lover Peter Strzok is now cooperating with Durham and his investigators:

To reinforce the point I made yesterday about Durham’s job in unraveling the treasonous activity that took place in the Obama FBI/DOJ/CIA being incredibly complex, I’d also point you to this recent tweet from Housley:

And this one…

Meanwhile, on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” program hosted by Maria Bartiromo, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Bartiromo that the FBI “lied their asses off” about the reliability of the Steele Dossier, and that he will be releasing more proof about that before the end of this week: “Here is what I think I’m going to be able to show to the public. Not only did the FBI lie to the court about the reliability about the Steele dossier, they also lied to the Congress. That’s a separate crime.”

Obviously, everything Graham says has to be taken with a grain of salt. But it is worth pointing out that, on the same program Sunday before last, Graham told Bartiromo that his committee had uncovered proof that Steele’s sub-source was a complete fraud. Of course, Director of National Intelligence John Raticliffe – who is proving to be every bit the bulldog in that job that his predecessor, Ric Grenell was – released some previously-classified documents last week demonstrating Graham’s point, and is apparently planning to release more documents this week.

This is all unraveling now, folks, and the pace is quickening. As I’ve chronicled here over the last year, all of the information conclusively proving the treasonous actions of the coup cabal within the FBI/DOJ led by James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Strzok is now out on the public record. Everyone who has been paying attention and has the ability to reason logically now understands the monumental nature of the crimes committed against our very system of government by these despicable coup plotters, and that the organizing momentum behind it went all the way up to the Oval Office itself.

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  • Durham/Barr will not prosecute the characters that we want to see hang. Durham/Barr even though they are the best the DOJ has to offer at this time their track record is one of apparent bulldogishness but in the end allways covering up & protecting. For example-a CIA whistleblower exposes the CIA torture excesses and he's the only one that lost his job and was jailed!!!! I don't know if its some deepstate version of Skull n Bones but the state dept & intellegence depts will not prosecute one another unless its an unprotected republican or outsider, most likely its because they all have too much insider knowledge of assorted crimes on each other. I do know that there is a gov't club of elites called the SES (special executive services?) and all the coup perpertrators, DOJ & FBI brass are all members. It's an additional "standing" that top gov't brass gets when they pledge their deepsate allegience-Again like Skull n Bones on steroids this time, one of the groups creeds is they can "never be removed from their appointed post" and are guaranteed full pay post rtetirement or something like that. Collectively they all keep the global plan rolling along reguardless of president or party.

  • Hang 'em High

  • the truth of the matter is Obama has the American people right in the palm of his hand because he is so-called a black man he knows it and that's the reason why he is so powerful right now.

  • Hang Em! 

  • Obama and Biden crow about "no scandals", but they are obviously lying. The problem is, we know it and the information is available but the lapdog MSM is not reporting it. One honest reporter in the MSM could bust this wide open, but hoping for an honest reporter in the MSM is like hoping for a peaceful fox in the henhouse.

  • I think you should all chill a little bit. I expect Trump and Barr to launch charges against these traitorous demonrats just before the election, which will lead to an even bigger landslide win for Trump and the Republicans in November. Trump plays at a higher level of strategic chess than we understand. We just need to trust him and support him no matter what. The end will be worth it.

  • There has been enough evidence to prove Purjury many times over... indict on that crime and convict now... Prosecution of the other crimes can follow.. Hillary lied, Strozk lied, Comey lied... the list goes on and on... indict them NOW not latter, put them in Jail sooner not latter.  Hillary's illegal server and the classified documents on it are acts of 'ESPIONAGE" the server is in itself a crime... the evidence is there to convict... now... indict on perjury and espionage and put her in jail... now not latter.

    The need for investigations to amass evidence of other crimes can continue while prosecuting those criminal acts the DOJ has sufficient evidence to convict.... NOW to send all of them to jail... and then follow up while they are in prison on the many other crimes they committed.

    • EXACTLY !! ...Of which is the normal practice and course of events.

      The 'Immunity' deals handed out... can later be shown as Acts perpetuating a CCE.

    • Immunity granted solely to avoid prosecution are illegal and void... in fact, they may be evidence of conspiracy and collusion to avoid criminal prosecution.  The RICO act should be invoked as these organized acts of to coverup criminal conduct, constitute an ongoing criminal enterprise spanning all branches of the government and designed to give cover to an ongoing criminal enterprise... sometimes called the Swamp or Deep State.

    • Well... You were on a roll. Most All Grants of Immunity are to Avoid Prosecutions.

      If shown under a CCE statute prosecutuion, That the 'Grantors' were fellow conspriators and the 'granting' were in furtherance of said Conspiracy... Surely the immunities would be void ...and the bottom number under the CCE statute is 20 years. That's 18 years and 4 months With 'Good Time' earned credits. I've seen Judges hand out 40. 

      No need to prove the King Pin as so under RICO... Yet CCE also allows the 5 year prior history to show criminal acts to further the Enterprize.

      Have a good one...


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