In recent days, the Justice Department announced its decision to drop the prosecution of former Trump National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The following timeline highlights some important events in the case.

Flynn Timeline

July 24, 2012: President Obama appoints Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a Democrat, to head up the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

2012-2014: Flynn clashes with colleagues and questions the Obama administration’s claim that the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda was almost defeated. He also objects to what he says is an Obama administration policy to ban use of phrases such as “Islamic extremist” terrorism, arguing that “to defeat the enemy, you have to define it.”

April 30, 2014: Flynn announces his retirement as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, effective in August. 

Feb. 2016: Flynn becomes a Trump campaign adviser.

Nov. 8, 2016: Trump is elected president.

Flynn publishes an op-ed calling for the U.S. to support Turkey’s president against his opposition. A note is later added disclosing that Flynn was consulting for a company with ties to the Turkish government.

Nov. 10, 2016:  In a meeting, President Obama reportedly warns Trump against hiring Flynn.

Nov. 18, 2016: Trump names Flynn his national security adviser. Over the next few weeks, Flynn communicates with numerous international leaders.

Dec. 1, 2016:  Flynn meets with Russia’s ambassador. 

Dec. 22, 2016: Flynn has a call with Russia’s ambassador.

Dec. 29, 2016: In another call with Russia’s ambassador, Flynn reportedly asks Russia not to retaliate for recent U.S. sanctions against Russia. Russia reportedly agrees.

Jan. 15, 2017: After leaks about Flynn’s call with Russia's ambassador, Vice President-elect Mike Pence tells the press that Flynn did not discuss U.S. sanctions on the call.

Jan. 20, 2017: Trump is inaugurated. The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating Flynn’s contacts with Russia’s ambassador.

Jan. 24, 2017: FBI Director Comey sends two FBI agents, including Peter Strzok, to visit Flynn at the White House and strike up a conversation about Russia. Flynn is not told he’s under investigation. He reportedly tells the agents he did not ask Russia to hold back on retaliating for Obama administration sanctions. 


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