• 'What kind of Democrat is he if he doent vote the way his party leader wants him to vote" ? He should vote the way his constituants want him to vote you idiot, not his party leader or any other single entity

  • The Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists are losing viewers faster than joe dementia is losing support from the same people who are beginning to catch on to the lies they are being told to make it easier to enslave them!!!!!  I would say faster than dementia is losing cognative ability but that ship sank a long time ago!!!!!  Putting him into any public office is elder abuse and should send his family and the dnc members to prison for abusing a severely demented senior citizen who should have been put in a home for the mentally impaired a long time ago!!!!!

  • What a bunch of scum. They call themselves journalists BS they are Dem sickofents.

  • Rino Romney must be thrown out of the Republican Party. He is so jealous of Donald Trump.

    • Al, mitty the poo IS the republican party!!!!!  There are only a very few that are loyal to We the People and the Constitution, the rest, like mitty the poo, are out for themselves and the money and power Nazi war criminal george soros and his cabal of globalist billionaires offer them!!!!!


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