The Media is Brainwashing You to Accept a Stolen Election

This could be true for Left, Right, or Center, which is why I don't believe  anything they tell me to believe. - Imgflip

Axios took the lead in the ongoing campaign to brainwash the U.S. public into accepting a stolen election this November. This coordinated campaign between the communist Democrat Party and the corrupt news media has been ongoing for several months now, and it becomes increasingly transparent over time.

On Tuesday, Axios ran a story quoting a representative of the Bloomberg-funded Democrat firm called Hawkfish, laying out the scenario the Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda is attempting to set up for the November Elections. The scenario envisions a socially explosive situation created by the Democrats. The first part of it involves President Trump holding a huge lead in both the popular vote and the Electoral College when we all trudge off to bed on Election Night. But that lead won’t hold as Democrat vote counters in Blue and Red states around the country “find” boxes and boxes filled with “mail-in ballots” that magically contain the number of votes Biden needs to overtake Trump’s Election Day lead.

Here’s an excerpt from the Axios story:

A top Democratic data and analytics firm told “Axios on HBO” it’s highly likely that President Trump will appear to have won — potentially in a landslide — on election night, even if he ultimately loses when all the votes are counted.

Why this matters: Way more Democrats will vote by mail than Republicans, due to fears of the coronavirus, and it will take days if not weeks to tally these. This means Trump, thanks to Republicans doing almost all of their voting in person, could hold big electoral college and popular vote leads on election night.

Imagine America, with its polarization and misinformation, if the vote tally swings wildly toward Joe Biden and Trump loses days later as the mail ballots are counted. That is what this group, Hawkfish, which is funded by Michael Bloomberg and also does work for the Democratic National Committee and pro-Biden Super PACs, is warning is a very real, if not foreordained, outcome. What they’re saying: Hawkfish CEO Josh Mendelsohn calls the scenario a “red mirage.”

“We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump,” he said. “When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage,” Mendelsohn said. “It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted.” [End]

So, here we see Axios, via this Democrat front group, attempting to normalize the literal destruction of the American election process as we have always known it. The destruction of America’s legitimate election process has long been a goal of the Democrat Party, and it obviously believes this is the year it will be able to consolidate the plan, using fear over the China virus as the catalyst.

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  • The leftist media need to be shut down by inundating them with costly law suits on the back of their widespread lying. One by one they will have to shut down. Then we can focus on listening to Trump directly without the twisted filter of the media unless the media are properly accredited by the federal government and do not participate in the insurrection as the media do now. This will be a major contributor to making America even greater and to protect our freedom and liberties.

  • They already have tested this tactic in 2016 when the AZ Senate seat knocked out McSally for the communist demoncrat 3 weeks after the election. And the election counter in AZ is a demoncrap. Same thing will happen this time with mark kelly....unless AZ really truly overwhelms the fraud.

  • America citizens will not give the country to a socialist party and they know it so all they have are their rioters 

  • That is the ace in the hole for the cheating socialist party. They will go to any means necessary to win. I'm afraid this will not end well. Arm yourself.

  • BIDEN knows he won't beat Trump so they are counting on mail in voter fraud.  The msm is an arm or the dem/marxists.   The lies they tell they believe and want us to. 

  • I agree!

    They (the Dems) have done this before- I remember the Minnesota election when the Republican won, but then votes were found and they all were for Al Frankin, so Frankin "won" the election.  The Democrats will steal this election one way or another. The media is going to back what the Democrats say- as in "Mail in ballot fraud is a myth"

    Also I think th polls showing Biden's lead are skewed, but people won't know that and since the media will report Biden has the lead, if Biden wins then people will think it is legitimate.  

    How do we fight this?  I am afraid that if Trump wins (I want him to win!)  that riots will break out all over America- by Antifa etc.    

    • We all know that the democrat party will do anything to insure that they 'win' in November.  They will stop at nothing.  Again, we all know this.

      Since we do know it, then it should not surprise anyone that the democrats are guaranteed to cheat, lie, steal, fabricate, do anything to 'win' this election.  The problem is not what the democrats will do, the problem is that the public believes them.  The democrat party is viewed as a legitimate political party organization, by nearly everybody, including the MSM but not limited to them. The Conservative organizations, including the RNC, and such "fair and balanced and unafraid"  network as ( don't giggle so much, you'll pee your pants) Fox News, all of them give legitimacy to the DNC. It is anything but.  It is a crime syndicate. And the public supports it.

      To prove the point, the public voted in Pelosi, Biden for 47 years mind you, and all the other low life scumbags such as Barry the wonder Boy, and not one, but both of the Clintons.  The public did this.  The people, for crying out loud.  How many understand that the democrat party, Antifa, BLM, and so many others, living off of pandering to racists and promoting racism, hatred, violence, murder, rape, larceny and other criminal acts would all disappear as being meaningful factors on any genuine political stage, if it were not for the public who endorses them all.  Do you know who the people will be discovering boxes of mail- in ballots after the election?  The same people discovering the dimpled and hanging chads of twenty years ago.  That's who.  The public, the poll workers, the people charged with seeing that elections are fair, accurate, and legit.

      Trump wins in 2016. All hell breaks lose. In 2018 the democrats take the House and Pelosi is once again voted in as Speaker. Trump is investigated, then impeached, then investigated some more. But not one damned democrat criminal is treated to the same in spite of all of the real evidence, none of which is made up or fabricated. What does that tell you?

      After WW2 the German people were asked why they tolerated the murder of some 6 million Jews.  The answer, " We didn't know."   Yes, they did know. They saw the trains, witnessed the camps, and smelled the stench. They knew, full well. But did nothing.  Nothing.  In 1986 I asked a friend of mine, a German, a WW2 vet.  "Max, what side did you fight on in the war?"   He looked down and said that he was in the German Army.  I asked why he supported such a man as Hitler.  Max said that he had no choice, but his wife chimed in and said, "We all thought he was a God."

      She told the truth.  How wrong they were.  And how wrong, how short sighted, how easily fooled, the public can be.  And that is what gives the democrat party its power.

    • Dale. you are such a discerner of truth. I always wondered how the German people ignored the stench and the obvious disappearance of their neighbors and friends and how they didn't rise up and demand accountability and truth.

      Now, after watching the happenings of this year, it seems everything has been exposed: the pastors given over to either or both a spirit of mammon or fear of man over fear of God. No pastor should have closed his church, in my opinion. Let the church choose to stay home or go. That choice should not have been taken away, in violation of our D of I and Bill of Rights. The delusions of importance by each Mayor and Governor, with no respect for authority or no simple (nd I mean simple) understanding of our rights to speech, worship. gather, petition for redress. and our rights to determine our own health and safety precautions. Clearly, the mountains of media have killed truth everywhere it rose up to fight against ChinaVirus, the CDC, WHO and yet, information is out there in spite of FaceBook and Google's attempts to murder all the truth and nothing but the truth. And yet, the American population just followed along and still are doing just that. 

      Even though everything has been exposed, the American people are still clueless. Still thinking CoVid is a pandemic and worth stifling their own breath and health for, to stay as far from an invisible enemy with little risk. And they are still thinking Floyd was a victim of someone else instead of knowing the truth that the man was on a psychotic break due to drug induced delusions. 
      The mask is the single most obvious sign that the American people have truly lost the meaning of being an American. Every single person who wears one iby choice is wearing a signpost that they don't know the difference between truth and lies, wisdom and propaganda, government vs self.  They are like a herd of animals walking off a cliff just because they are told to. I never thought I would see this utter stupidity, foolishness or gullibility in my country. From the Greatest Generation to the dumbest. Some are just barely waking up and this spotlight has been shining since January.

    • In the whole world Trump responded the best to the china virus. World leaders are jealous of the US because Trump assessed the situation correctly and showed tremendous leadership by also leaving the WHO. This even with the media working hard on misinformation. It just shows you how amazing Trump is.

    • Dale, Very accurate assessment of America today. Many studies have shown that is much easier to deceive a person than it is to convince that person he has been deceived. This trait in human nature is a MAJOR problem in exposing the truth.

      The democrats have been able to create a coalition of Communism, Organized Crime, and Islam. When the internal power struggle comes to a head in that fragile alliance, the world will probably cease to exist.


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