PolitiFact | Yes, Matt Gaetz was the only no vote on 2017 human trafficking  bill

(EDITOR’S NOTE: At this time there is no confirmation about where the “three people briefed on the matter” who spoke to the New York Times are employed – whether by the FBI, the US Attorney’s office in Florida, the USDOJ in Washington DC, on Capitol Hill, or whether they’re three individuals to whom the information was leaked. We have major concerns about supposedly serious newsrooms reporting about ongoing criminal probes in which no charges have been filed basing their story entirely upon information from anonymous sources whose connection to the investigation isn’t even revealed, and whether or not those anonymous sources were with the FBI the fact remains that someone involved in the probe – someone involved with the US government in some manner – purposely leaked this information for political gain. If we are ever to have confidence in the integrity of USDOJ and FBI investigations, these leaks need to be investigated and prosecuted.)

Last night, amidst a slew of far more important stories, The New York Times sought to change the narrative from the disaster at the border by leaking about a supposed investigation involving Rep. Matt Gaetz. The report was based on anonymous sources giving very vague information about what might or might not be going on.

RedState covered this initially last night, and if Gaetz actually did something wrong, he should be held accountable.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has been the subject of an inquiry by the US Department of Justice into whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him. Three people who had been briefed on the matter told the New York Times that investigators are examining whether Gaetz violated federal sex trafficking laws, the people said.

For his part, Gaetz denies the claims. He went on Tucker Carlson’s show last night and named a person he alleges is trying to extort him. Later, RedState confirmed that Gaetz was telling the truth about his father wearing a wire for the FBI to investigate the matter. Where that leaves us is anyone’s guess. Gaetz is certainly a character, and his defense is a bit convoluted, but the fact that this was leaked via “three people briefed” is yet another black-eye for the FBI.

Really, it should bother everyone, no matter their feelings on Gaetz, that the FBI can just leak something like this, to attack someone in such a blatantly political way. When you are facing an anonymous allegation, you can’t respond to it in any effective manner. Just last night, the reporter behind the Times story appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show and countered Gaetz’s claim about the man he named, yet she did so offering no proof whatsoever. These games are rigged, and you aren’t supposed to be able to defend yourself.


Notice how tightly sewn up the FBI has been about the current Hunter Biden investigation and the myriad of other past transgressions by the president’s son. Their lips only seem to get loose when a Republican is in the cross-hairs, and that should bother everyone. It’s corruption, and it deserves the scorn it receives.

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  • to be honest with you all I am tired of the Devil running this country.

  • Former FBI Director, James Comey deliberately circumveted federal law, by failing to charge Hillary Clinton for gross negligence, for having placed the seurity of this nation at risk by useing an unauthorized unsecure email system to send 110 classified emails containing confidential, secret, and top secret information, in violation of ,18 U.S. Code § 793 (f) (Gathering, Transmitting or Losing Defense Information). It reads: "Anyone entrusted with or have lawful possession or control of any information and/or thing(s) related to the U.S national defense; through gross negligence; moves, permits to be moved, and/or have knowledge of the same having been illegally removed from its proper place of custody; shall be imprisoned not more than ten years, fined, or both". The word “through", instead of "if", was purposely used to mean that when he found evidence she had in fact sent the emails; it was gross negligence, PERIOD. He had no authority to down grade her 110 violation to "extreme negligence" as he did. The phrase "through gross negligence" prohibits investigators from even considering whether violation are intentional or unintential, or any other circumstance. It was written that way to disallow the very same thing he ultimately did. He was mandated to prepare 110 charges against her for Grnnd Jury action. Of course he did not; because it would have disallowed her from entering the 2016 Presidential election. What he did and failed to do epitomized the words "unlawful", "unscropulous", "deceitful", and "arrogant". The incident also highlighted the existence of  double standards of justice. Consider this fact, The word “through” was purposely placed at the beginning of the phrase to mean that the mere fact classified material is mishandled; its de facto gross negligence regardless of how and/or why it occurred. That’s why the phrase does not read: “If or when its determined to be gross negligence”. The law is stringent to compel personnel to be diligent protecting classified information and resources from potential loss or compromise; negate loopholes for political shenanigans; and hold violators accountable for violations  The appalling contrast between the handling and outcome of Hillary’s case and that of US Navy Sailor, Kristian Saucier; quantifies and epitomizes double standards of justice within our government. On August 19, 2016, Saucier pleaded guilty to having photographed and kept in his possession, six photographs of his work area containing classified equipment aboard a Submarine. He was convicted and sentenced to six months home confinement and three years of supervised release with electronic monitoring. Hillary’s 110 incidents of mishandling classified emails exceeded by far; scope of exposure and susceptibility to compromise and/or loss than Saucier’s six photographs kept in his possession. Yet, she escaped justice due either to Comey’s incompetence or political shenanigans. Mark Levin, former Chief of Staff to US Attorney General Edwin Meese in President Ronald Reagan's administration; gives a riveting stop-and-go video analysis of Comey’s report at It can also be viewed on YouTube.

    • hitlery is untouchable because anyone going after her TREASONOUS ACTS will wind up dead from arkancide or other dubious means!!!!!!!!!!


  • Yada, yada yada. Communist Democrats at it again. To:; "IF" is a big word and you should watch the way you use it. A person is "innocent" until proven guilty and any media source should have the decency to hold a story until there is some kind of evidence. They had evidence on Hillary, the Biden’s, Obama, and many other Communist Democrats. Where did that get us (the American People)? Nowhere, that’s were!! This is the same old tactics used again and again by the Communist Democrats; look over there, no, look over here, while they cover up their excrement behind our backs!!!! Most people are so brainwashed they can’t think for themselves, another tactic from the Communist Democrats; (Political Correctness), what a joke!!!! Wake up dummies!!!!  

    • We need a purge of all facet's of Our goverment . To many leakers liers in all the branches of service. Also so many RINOS makes me sick. President Trump was the first to stand up for We The People.


  • Dems only go after Republicans they NEED to damage because they are threatened by their honesty & ability to speak the truth. Jerk republicans are left alone. Go figure. No one is buying what the left is selling anymore. 

    • I wish no one is buying it but from the things I see and hear there are a LOT of people buying the lies.

      Logical people may not be buying them but logical thinking seems to be in short supply today.

  • The satanic left is out to get Matt Gaetz because he is honest and tells the truth about their TREASONOUS CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!  They will NEVER reveal sources because they don't have any credible ones!!!!!!!!!!


  • If I had a problem and someone was trying to blackmail me the last place I would go to is any corropt Govt. enforcement agency. I would talk to Rudy G. or Sydney Powell before I ever went to them. 

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