• I actually looked at a piece of this ,  I don't believe this is actually happening, and to our pre schoolers. It has to be stopped at all cost.

  • Noooo...A is for Assinine...B  is for Brainwashing...C is for Criminal....D is for Dumbshit Democrats......E is for  Enough already!....G  is for  Garbage............

    • AGREE!

    • F is for Failed Policy....  H is for Hell no we won't take anymore..  I is for Ignoramus liberals.

  • Is it a cancel culture, or is it the racism pimps franticly ginning up further charges of racism so they can continue standing in the limelight and making big bucks off the insanity.

  • Proof that DEMS have some serious MENTAL problems

  • Call "the Left" what they really are, COMMUNIST who must be removed, purged, eradicated, from the United States!!  Joe McCarthy was right all along!!

  • Sickening. Get your kids out of this horror show.

  • Anyone who leaves their child in public schools should be charged with child abuse!  The left is more than insane!!!!!  

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