•  NOT NO.....but hell no...!  


    • NOPE


    • Yeah, his wife, one of his two living sons, three of the seven grand children, and one of his two dogs all say so... oh, and so do 2 out of 3 Gold fish. 

  • Joe is merely a puppet for big tech, the DNC leftwing billionares and foregin and domestic lobbies.

  • The dem establishment knows what they are doing, Harris' values would've never made it to the POTUS ticket.  She's already the international speaker for US, just wait...

  • They know they bought a bunch of sour lemons -- so sour there's no way to make potable lemonade from Harris-Biden-Harris .. so to try to counteract the thrashing they'll take in 2022 midterm elections they're pushing HR-1 -- a bill that if it becomes law permanently creates a LeftDem majority in government so they can run a turnip for any office & win.

    Slow Joe will be replaced soon by the 'charming & elegant' Ms Harris...the USA version of Joe Stalin.

  • The bastard dems got what they wanted. ENJOY!!!

  • Did they think he would getter better with age????

    • Joe didn't even know where he was when he said, "what am I doing here?"  Joe needs to be removed from office as well as communist Harris, Pelosi and the rest of the demoncrats!  President Trump is the true, real, rightfull president!!

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