• They must not have been alive during the campaign period - he's doing exactly what he promised.  Weren't they paying attention?  Or maybe it's because never before has Biden kept a campaign promise' so they just assumed it was all campaign rhetoric.

  • Where it at ??

  • This isn't buyers' remorse, it is remorse for their stupidity.

    These are the same people that will buy a used car with weird wear on the front tires, a transmission that slips when shifting, and a rattle in the engine when they start it.  2 weeks later the transmission quits in rush hour traffic when the tow truck gets there and lifts the front end one side of the front suspension falls off, and the mechanic that works on it tells them it has worn out main bearings.  THEN they complain that the person sold them a lemon.  All the signs were there that it would be a bad idea to buy it but they liked the look of the car.

    The same thing with biteme.  There was plenty of evidence that he is a liar, criminal, pervert, and demented.  They chose to ignore the evidence and support him anyway.  Now they are whining that he is not doing things for them.  They aren't remorseful that they voted for him, they are remorseful that they were so stupid.

    • it was FRAUD that put ayatollah dementia in office.  not very many legal voters voted for him!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry Herbert... Biden's voters were electronic figments of Marxist corruption... digital agents of a stolen election.  The people were not duped into voting for Biden... very few real persons voted for Biden unless they were dead or comatose ina nursing home.

      Too many keep forgetting the Election was STOLEN... rigged, fixed, the dead were voting, under age children were voting, illegal aliens were voting, dogs and cats were voting.... Dominion Sowftware was voting.   It doesn't matter how bad Biden looked... he didn't need anyone's vote with the Marxist in charge of critical state election processes he won without conducting a real campaign... he won from the basement of his home.  So, stop blaming voters... they didn't vote for him ... very few living people did.

  • FOOLS, just as I predicted the devildemocommiecrat voters are getting what they asked for and they can't do anything to correct it because they put a team of tyrants in charge and the tyrants WILL NOT allow anyone to displace them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some buyers remorse... if there were any true buyers remorse they would be calling for his IMPEACHMENT for election fraud.... until then any feigned remorse is a ruse.

    • Ret-Col-Ron:   You are so right, but my thinking is that for a group, or in this case a complete political party, to go to the lengths they have to put a bunch of clowns into office, that the motivation now has gone far beyond merely the money flowing into Washington DC.  They are  "out of control"  in their quest to be in control.  Signing nothing but executive orders, with no oversight of going thru congress.   It is now a  "full blown dictatorship"  in full display.   When I read the Constitution...."protecting our enemies BOTH...foreign and domestic.....this is a major mandate to protect the American borders and it's people.  We are now on full open borders and open for any attacks from the outside.   One foreign submarine parked off our Eastern Coast could hold this entire country hostage.  This worries me as our military are bound to support the President of the United States.   You being a retired officer, do you feel there is any options the military might have to circumvent their oath, and take over our government and stay in control and still ward off any foreign attacks...??? it time for the Militias and the American People to take up arms and march against this tyranny we are seeing happening before our very eyes..???    Just asken...........


    • Ron, you are correct once again.  They have remorse but not enough to overcome their hatred of President Trump and the good things he did for ALL Americans!!!!!

  • Does anyone actually believe Biden has a 61% approval rating?????huh!???

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