• Jesus was not a Socialist or a Marxist in spite of what the left will tell you.

  • For all those so very interested in devote Religious Peoples Histories, let us not forget the Pilgrims "Selling Native Americans (Indians) to the Spanish as " Slaves" in the area of Florida! This is the "Exact Reason Our Nation's Foundation is Laws!" Laws are to be Beyond the Emotional Interference of Human Influence, as are the "Laws of Our Judeo/Christian God" upon whose Values This Nation was Formed! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    For those who did not know or didn't remember - the Methodist Church was a sponsor of Occupy until word got out. 

  • Ah people - look at history; the Catholic Church has always been a political organization - and usually following exactly what the left side wants,  They forgot about God's law about 1800 years ago!

    • That's a lie.


    • "The Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath" (Luke 6:5). The Sabbath was not to be changed, yet Empire Constantine handed the sceptor to Pope Gregorious who took upon himself to change the times and seasons. He changed the day of worship and rest to the day of the pagan Sun god. Remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy. It is for no one to add to or to take away from the Holy book.

      It is only the Catholic church that elevates Mary to pray to, when scripture clearly tells us to pray directly to the Father and in the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ. Mary is the queen of heaven, an idol. It is only the Catholic church that elevates a man in a Black robe to the status of Confessor when scripture tells us again to pray to the Father and to confess our sins directly and the Lord is faithful to forgive us. 

      While there are many devout lovers of Christ in the Catholic church, the Pope changed the times and seasons and did away with the feasts.

      Worse is the sad truth that most churches in America fall short, as they should be operating in the 5-fold ministry of apostolic, evangelist, prophet, teacher and pastor. How many pastors are willing to share the pulpit with the church Prophet? Or do they even have one? How many churches lay hands on people and see healings? How many pastors address government issues (of the country) from the pulpit? God is government and He alone sets the standard. Where are those messages?

      The head of the church, no matter what denomination, should have been addressing issues of idolotry in this nation as well, and clearly that has not happened. This is a nation full of idolotry, whether it is sports, entertainment or CRT. 

      There is one thing that Covid did last year. It shut down many idols. I wonder how many people picked them right back up again. God is shaking the entire earth and I still see no change in the church. He shakes the church 1st. Our government has been destroyed and the church still sleeps and the pastors approve messages of slumber. 


  • The Heads have always been tempted and tainted by and with the power of corruption of money and wealth. From the influence of Kingdoms and the Wealth of Families, envy of and for theTemplars, through the worship of the Fascists, to the condonation and forgiveness for money of the Sicilian Mobs! No matter how Mortal, Moral or Venal the Sin may be, Cash can get it forgiven and the Sinner back in "Good Grace." Envy and Jealousy raise their Heads whenever the Church considers monies stolen from it in the forms of "Taxes and Profits", from its Members' Pockets! This is the " Flip Side" of Separation of Church and State.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    • That's another lie. I knew this was coming.


    • Lynn Bryant DeSpain

      You hit the nail on the head!!!!  Great Post!


  • Just look at who the Pope is? They hav lost a lot of Christians because of him. He's ok with abortion, has no problem with all these migrants pouring over the border and many more commie ideas. Lot's of Christians are practicing their faith without him and churches.

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