• The incestuous relationship between the devildemocommiecrats, the gop establishment, and the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists is more sinister and dangerous to we patriots than all the nuclear missiles and bonbs in the world!!!!!!!!!!

  • Worried about the intelligence agencies and the media are you?  What do you suppose they have to do with the internet?  

  • I would LMAO if all these corruptible left wing newspapers, tv news, and federal govts would go up  in flames!!!

  • Incestuous implies at least "two" different entitiies ... these are "two horns on the same goat " Kitala from "TheVikings"- 1958 

    What good is "propaganda" without a "microphone"?

    RJS                          Goats and horns


    two horns on the same goat, the vikings, kirk douglas at DuckDuckGo
    DuckDuckGo. Privacy, Simplified.
  • Our MSM is just one of the failed institutions corrupting our culture... American Journalism has become innately subversive and filled with hate American operatives.  The so-called, talking points, in the news are more the result of the indoctrination of our journalists by our public schools and institutions of higher education than the contrived effort of a few.  The America of our Forefathers no longer exists. The moral and religious culture of our founders is no longer the cultural foundation that sustains our liberty and Constitutional Government.

    Every sitting member of our government (federal, state, and local) needs to be removed... Any supposed good with the bad.  We must remove the cancer in government and the body of corruption in society promoting it.  Let God sort out the good from the bad.  The public education system must be defunded and parents given vouchers to use for the education of their children... our NATION'S FUTURE leaders must be educated in the precepts of our founder's culture. The Marxists must be identified, isolated, and removed from positions of power in our civil and government institutions. Our Nation has become one giant swamp, that needs immediate draining.   I honestly fear we are too late... too, drain the swamp, without great social unrest and conflict.

    • Further, how does a minority drain a majority?  It still remains to be seen , if we can control the Republican Party.  And even at that, we are an aged minority with one foot in the grave.  But there is an element of rough, poetic justice here.  I mean to say it was on Trump's watch that the illegal coup was installed and it was on our own watch, decades and decades of  corporate power corrupted our government and republic to the point where they could blantantly steal an election in htemost obvious fraud imaginable and then, install a perfect idiot who had been hidden away in a basement as President.  It isn't as, if no foresaw had pathetic our society had allowed itself to become.  We have become a parady of the movie, "Wagging the dog." 

    • People stopped paying attention, there was too much to do to have fun, life was too good to worry about DC, the kids grew up never knowing anything about politics.....or history. A country can shift in one generation that didn't pay attention.

    • Yes of course and I will tell you what else I learned from my time in public office.  This stuff is boring and there's tons of it.  And it's purposefully made boring so as to discourage participation.  The people elect us to, pay us to do it for them and when per chance they are drawn in, needs be by emergencies which have impeded their regular life, they are not happy.  They just want someone to do it for them.

      And, if there's problem, they expect government to fix it  Of course when others are in charge of your affairs, they aren't making you their primary concern as I believe you may havementioned

  • The CIA has controlled the US Media since World War ll . JFK wanted to disband the CIA but was Assassinated before he could do it ! Is there anyone with a functioning brain and common sense who still believe in the one gunman BS put out by the Warren Commission and the CIA Controlled liberal/socialists/democrat Media since November 22, 1963 ? 

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