• Speaker of the House Pelosi stated "in prediction" the outcome of the 2020 elction days before it occured, and also loudly warned Trump not to declare martial law. Martial law is the one nested action in the Insurrection act he is can use that the traitors have no reply to. 

    Literally, Donald Trump must hand over our fates as the Nation, to these vipers in office for them to take it. And they know it.

    Does Trump undrstand this? Do we?

    • Michael-President Trump understands this far better than you know!

  • Trump is scheduled to leave office as soon as Biden is inaugurated, a mere 10 days off.  Why is the left so adamant about their false persecution of our President Trump?  Because they have MUCH to hide and if he de-classifies everything, they are all screwedd and they know it.  Burn the Deep State, the RINO right, and Democratic Left to the ground Mr. President.  We've got your back.

  • I am begging any who read this to not leap to magic bullet conclusions.

    Everytime I read one, I pause for the announcer to exclaim, "But Wait!......."

    Either the Fraud Democrat candidates do not make it to Inauguration day, or they do and we face Civil war.

    The decision sits where Harry Trumans buck stops.

  • Pelosi is so terrified of what President Trump will see on her laptop that she is desperately trying to get rid of him!!  Pelosi will be arrested for treason, handcuffed, and marched out of the Capitol within the next 10 days!!

    • Oh, you have no idea how long and how hard I have prayes for that exact action to take place!

    • June, go to there is a lot of information on what is about to take place by Jan. 18th.

    • Evelyn-Does it have anything to do with Pastor Wade McKinney's message (not about religion), or Scott McCay of Military Intelligence?  If so I do know what is coming and it will be in the next few days. Don't know if you can find the Pastor by researching the net, but Scott McCay has his up on youtube.  Found both on my FB notification/message list yesterday, but FB has suspended my account for the next 3 days because my "commentary doesn't meet their community (communist) guidelines" - -LOL.  Just another little annoyance.  I will look for

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    • Mike, of course, Trump's approval rating increases. He made America great again and everyone can see it clearly. 

  • Once again, the demonrats will fall flat on their faces. There is no evidence for an impeachable offense. Like last time, McConnell will protect Trump in the senate for sure. Like last time, he'll announce that the impeachment is dead on arrival when it gets to the senate before any hearings even start. 

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