• I know of no other person more qualified to speak on this matter than Patrick Bergy. His book Victim of the Swamp discusses this very subject of the set up of this SURVEILLANCE STATE NETWORK.

    Its even been rumored that Gen. Stanley McChrystal has decided to lend an AI PLATFORM to assist QUID PRO QUO JOE in his bid for the Presidency of the United States?

    How the "Deep State" Destroyed the 40 Year Old Private
  • This whole sordid mess stops right at the desk of Barack Obama. All of those who tried to perpetrate this coup against a duely elected President and Vice President must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This country was founded on the basis that all men were created free, and those rights were given by God. This debacle is more in line with the Communist/Socialist/Facist governments of today. America's creation broke 5000 years of people being dominated by Monachs, Emperors, Dictators and the principals of our founders must never be relinquished.

  • Every one associated with the case against Michael Flynn in the federal government needed to be tried and prosecuted for violating his rights under the Constitution, especially all those in the Obama Administration and the Justice Department (FBI). Those working still there need to be fired now. 

  • No one will even try to stop it, because the ones in power whose job it is are always running scared. Therein lies the crux of the problem and is the reason we're forced to live with it.

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