The governor of MI is just one blue state tyrant

WE THE PEOPLE have to be careful now more than ever.  Look at Governors of blue states in MI the gov just TOLD STORES WHAT THEY CAN AND CANNOT SELL , WHAT SHE DEEMS ESSENTIAL,  MY GOD FAR THAT IS BEYOND FAR; IN LA MAYOR GARCETTI IS JUST AS BAD GIVING OUT TKTS TO PEOPLE WATCHING A SUNSET; VA, IL, NY EVERYONE OF THEM What A HORROR STORY JUST LIKE THAT INCLUDING MY STATE OF NJ.   GOV MURPHY IS JUST ANOTHER TYRANICAL NUT using the virus as an excuse to abuse his power.    We have one choice to make  it better and it better  be the right one in November in the 2020 elections, b/c the one thing i agreed w/Obama on in 8 miserable yrs is when he said ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES HE WAS RIGHT.  LK AT ILHAN OMAR AND RASHIDA TLAIB MY LORD we are in an ideological fight to save America and boy we cannot loose.  This is a dangerous moment in our history and I hope  that the headlines in our history books  read like this: AMERICA SAVED FROM COMMUNISM.   TRUMP WINS IN 2020.   If he does not we the people and this nation loose.  This nation is worth saving.   

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