• some of the Republicans and all of the Democrats in the chamber of the white house.

  • Even as they march Trump to the gallows. I will be there to free him and do everything possible to reinstate him to his rightful role as president of our nation. Damn the RINOs they are no better than Brutus of Rome

    • I am with you Hillary 100%

    • Hilary, this is inspiring. Every American patriot should follow your commitment to your pledge of allegiance to Donld J. Trump. He definitely needs us now more than ever.

    • Donald Trump Needs the American people more than ever.

    • He does, but he deserted the American people today and even condemned his most loyal followers. What now?

    • They will want it public, I'll go with you, Bill Barnes.

  • The swamp will protect the swamp. I suggest cingress dust off a copy of the Declaration of Independense. That's IF one still exists in D.C. that hasn't been SHREDDED or worse, REWRITTEN to Caesars demands!

    Congress belongs to the C.C.P.!!!  #RESISTTYRANNY

  • If the house and senate wanted to check for evidence of fraud they would have stop it a long time ago Biden should never have been declared the winner. I will continue wearing my Trump mask and I hope other people will do the same wear something that shows you don't accept Biden our president.

  • He finally showed his true colors:  a RINO - which we all knew - and now a traitor.  Pack up and find your assisted living home, Mitch.

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