• The rest of the house and senate want to see evidence that they do everything in their power not to see, what a bunch of ostriches and traitors!

  • Ok, we all know this is a betrayal of American, look for food shortages and brown shirts now. If Trump lives till the 20th I'll be surprised. Get ready to march or die on your knees. It always happens when a nation falls.

    • all of the above is coming soon or later it's about to happen as soon as possible what the Democrats have been doing is exactly what you mention in the very first sentence of your paragraph and that is a betrayal of America.

    • yes, the war on patriots will now begin.  I am old and crippled but they will have to kill me because I WILL NOT bow to tyranny!!!!!

  • Bull Schiff you respected our decision,BACK STABBING PRICK! 

    Sic semper tyrannis

    • Phil, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN.  mcconnell is a TRAITOR covering up his TREASONOUS acts!!!!!

  • You just put a bulls eye on your back Mitch.  Your careeer is over ....

    • he already has the millions he has stolen and the bribe money he has been paid by soros and his ilk, plus We the People will pay him a bundle in retirement.  The very corrupt mr dementia and his ineligible cohort will finish the destruction fuhrer obama started and hitlery expected to finish.  Only God can save us from being murdered and/or put in the FEMA concentration camps!!!!!  If you believe in prayer as I do now is a good time to pray fervently.

  • McConnell is a RINO traitor.   He  always has been.   We have few real Republicans anymore. They are just siocialist crooks, pretending to be Republicans.


    • James, the gop has become as corrupt as the devildemocommiecrat party.  They are only interested in personal power and wealth and will do whatever their globalist billionaire owners tell them to do, which is destroy anyone who won't bow to their boss, satan!!!!!

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