• BAH! If the Pillsbury Doughboy as willing to vote to respect the vote of the American People, He would have supported the President in his bid to challenge the document mass fraud electoral vote certifications.


  • Mitch... Fraudulent Elections don't reflect the American People's decision...  stolen elections reflect the criminal intent of those engaged in treason and sedition... not the will of the people.  Besides, since when do you vote or manage the Senate to reflect the American People's voice/decision... You truly are delusional if you believe anyone is buying that horse manure.  Do everyone a favor and resign.

  • Mitch McConnell didn’t pass the $2000 check just to undermine trump


    he is married to a Chinese woman who is connected to the Chinese army and businesses run by them


    funny neither side brings that up - Chinese government must have told them not to.

    • MAK, the deep state TRAITORS cover for each other and about 90% of those in congress are deep state, especially chicom mitch.  We the People have no voice in government any more, they do as they please!!!!!

  • The GOP is dead and so is our Freedom. Over and out folks. God Bless!

    • Both parties have screwed us...just a matter of time now until the dollar fully collapses.

    • Bitcoin is making new records. It's well over $40,000 this morning. 

  • The American People Voted for Trump. McConnell has shit for brains. RINO. : the liberal mind the psychological causes of political madness
    • mcconnell is a deep state TRAITOR, always has been!!!!!

    • Absolutely and he has always been a CHICOM in the open... he hasn't even tried to disguise his favor for China his wife's family is connected to the CCP...

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