• Lynn...

      I have been out of sorts these past few days... I should not have been so condescending regarding your ancestry... I apologize. 

      However, I did not twist your words... the twisting was not on my part.  I don't trust Congress nor anyone in government.  Our vote, however, is a measure of the trust we give those in government.  Whether we admit it or not, our vote is an expression of trust.  Trust is the primary foundation between individuals AND the government... if we can not trust the government, we can not have any confidence in them to act in our interest.  Untrustworthy governments need to be immediately replaced... not tolerated over decades of decline.

      Betrayal is the result of broken trust... both political parties are guilty of betrayal and in some of the more egregious cases of treason... the highest order of betrayal.

  • Years ago, the Tea Party was born because American patriots were fed-up with the corruption we were seeing in our Government, and we began to fight back and resist against all that we were seeing, but they were watching us too because they could see that our numbers were not only large, but growing. They feared we would take our country back peacefully, or violently if necessary.

    Taking total control of America by fraud was a success, but not enough, so they developed a new plan in Wuhan China. This is where Anothony Fauci manufactured the Covid-19 virus, with a lot of help from the father of many deadly vaccines, Bill Gates.

    The whole objective was Global population control, with America being the primary target. By killing off Americans, and transporting tens of thousands of illegal immigrant males here, their new Army would have better odds against us Patriots. Then the Marxists would be free to transform America into one large Concentration Camp.

    The question is, will Americans be brave enough to organize a huge resistance against an Alien and Marxist army who plan on killing us?

    • That's the question, Roland.

  • This entire PLANdemic is based on nothing but lies. The origin of the virus is a lie. It was manufactured in a lab. Designed and created by Ralph Baric in North Carolina, produced in China and released deliberately on humanity.

    The death rate is also a lie. Originally projected to kill 2.2 million Americans if the country was not locked down for fifteen days to “Flatten the Curve”. Total BULL$HIT. The death total, which is now claimed to be in excess of seven hundred thousand, is also inflated by a factor of at least a hundred and probably a great deal more.

    The success of HCQ, Ivermectin, and various other treatments that are proven to be effective have been vilified and banned from use to satisfy the FDA’s requirement for the Emergency Use Authorization of these experimental and untested vaccines. A success rate of over 90% is claimed for these “Miracle Vaccines”. More total bullshit. In any LEGITIMATE research, the effectiveness of Gates’ vaccines is questionable at best. They have however killed or maimed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

    The latest lie is an attempt to convince all Americans that, regardless of our Constitution, this government has the authority to force every citizen to be vaccinated whether we like it or not. The only exceptions will be illegal aliens, union members, and those employed by the Deep State.


    • I am not even convinced this is an actual virus. It would be a protein. But as for lies, they are the foundation of the Left's manipulative technique. They are beyond reprehensible. Now, it's clearer to see just how many times and betrayals they have employed against us. Even this food shortage is by design. Everything is. This is why I am so discouraged. This IS a DAVID and GOLIATH scenario. 

  • This is all about population reduction and making room for millions of illegal immigrants, based on some WARPED SENSE OF SOCIAL JUSTICE and a world view that American's are evil people.... held by our politicians, educational institutions, and government employees... Hence, the mandated CRT programs, and the move to eliminate supposed white supremacy in the military and government...

    Entire programs in universities penalizing white students now exist.  Universities are segregating students by race, and provide special treatment and programs to assist minorities with... entrance, retention, and graduation.  Apartheid programs are being introduced by the supposed esteem and vaunted professors of our elite Universities.  Insanity is driving bigoted hate for everything American, and if continued will result in serious cultural damage.

    America is in serious trouble and the White Race is going to take the brunt of the building persecution... The border crisis is just the tip of the iceberg.... with the pandemic, government, and cultural persecution of the White majority, it may not end well for anyone.  A lesser people, with a lower tolerance for abuse and the rule of law, would already be engaged in civil war.

    • Race is also a big contributor to this mess. They want a brown and black country, perhaps the world.  Anything but White. White's have been made the scapegoat for everyone's woes.  

    • They want the earth populated with people who will accept v slavery and Americans by nature and blood and history,  will NOT.

  • Has it ever dawned on anyone that it is "Congress" that Sets the Standards for the FDA, and not the FDA itself? Congress even determines what are he "Safe" levels of Heavy Metals in Baby Foods (higher maximums than any other Civilized Standards), which most likely accounts for the Rise in Autism. And it is these Congressional Set Standards that American Citizens trust to be injected in their bodies to fight a Virus which "Herd Immunity" is approaching the Two Year needed requirement. And someone once said that, "We just have to trust them to represent Our Will once we elect them to Office!" 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Wrong... Please post the quote where I said we must trust Congress... I said our vote gave them our trust and that we must be vigilant in our oversight ... not that we must trust them.  That is a big difference. You seem to have a serious problem understanding English ... Maybe you should take some remedial English courses or return to Spain or wherever it was you immigrated from.

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