• Excellent Ron. Me either.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The FDA coming up with a Covid Vaccine is a bit like Muggers stealing your money and car offering "Cab Fair" home!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Those vaccinated are shedding COVID and the unprotected are being infected... we need to quarantine all COVID vaccinated individuals because they are infecting others... why do you think we have a resurgence of COVID when we should have heard immunity... the Vaccine is shedding COVID and spreading it like fire.  The Vaccinated are carriers of COVID... quarantine them.

    • Difficult to believe that the bastards to started this would do anything to stop its spr

      ead. Just not logical. I do not trust anything from this administration. 

    • Not difficult when one understands their motives ... are not in our interests at all.

  • Noli Itteqitimi Carborundum! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Ronald, On balance, within the past four decades or so One must honestly ask "Did I vote for the Best Choice (Trust), or the Lesser of Two Evils!"  It becomes more evident daily with Cities requiring "Full Vaccination Proof" to enter Private Citizen Owned Commercial Stores, that little to no respect or reguard for Our Constitution/Bill of Rights is reflected in the "Trust" of those receiving Votes. It has become increasingly apparent that the greater the "Expression of Trust Displayed", the more deeply buried the American Citizens become under A pile of Dog Crap! Personally, I will forever believe that the American Citizens fail only when they surrender their Right to Rule over to their Servant Governments, and this requires the sacrifice of constant vigilance to remain Free. Citizens have the " Right" to forever disagree among themselves, but the Governments have No Rights whatsoever to argue with the Citizens within the Boundaries of Our Bill of Rights/Constitution.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • You haven't read many of my posts... I have railed about the Lesser of evils for decades... the principle for casting our vote is what I speak of, whether we like it or not, we are placing our trust in those we vote for regardless of why we vote for them.  The voter believes or trusts that those they vote for will do the better job than others on the ballot.  Stop blaming the average man for the betrayal of our political elite and a rigged electoral system.

  • Ronald, please bend over, pace your head between your legs and shove! My "Last Name-DeSpain, is derived from dEspagne'. A name my, " Family-Basque, used in 1225 after embezzling Tax Monies from the Moors, taken from the Spanish, whom they could not trust to do the task! If you know your "Histories", the Basques are a unique peoples, never conquered even by the Romans. The birth people of RH-. A unique language unto itself. And I did not misunderstand your retort to my statement, nor the intentional twisting of my words to to tighten your status, so called. I know my " Histories ". My Direct Family Shed Blood for This Nation to be Formed in the Revolutionary War, and every War and Conflict from that time on. For you to attempt to insult me Sir, is an Act of Cowardice! Must we stack Our Dead around ourselves to see whose Wall Stands the Highest, when the Actual Enemy lay before us? End This!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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