• ROCK AND.............ROLLL!!!!!!!

  • Time to kick some ass this November.

    • You got that right! TRUMP 2024 and FJB!

  • Biden's Mar-A-Lago raid may have fired up the Republican base, but it has also made the Democrats even more desperate to retain their Totalitarian power. My concerns are an Honest Election... Only a handful of Republican go getters have tried to fix this issue and with absolutely NO help from Mitch McConnell. So, the "Definition of Insanity" is still prevalent i.e.: Keep using the same corrupted Election Officials, Election Rules, and Voting Machines then... expect a different outcome.
    In fact, the only thing that has changed is that it has been confirmed the Biden regime is giving US ID cards to the millions of illegals he's invited into the country as they are processed at the border. Remember when the Democrats were screaming about how Voter IDs are racist... its funny now as they are silent! Gee... I wonder why????
  • I believe the American people are waking up, and will put Trump back in along with congress.

  • Hell, YES! Let's roll!


  • This are evil people and must be stopped so we now more than ever vote for the person who who put the people first 

  • With every evil thing the left does to Trump, the more people get behind him.  These people are really stupid.

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