• STASI.

  • If Trujmp or any other Republican ever is back in office - s/he needs to demolish the FBI and start over again.  And start over with people who are not affiliated with Washington DC in anyway! 

    We can no longer trust this organization.  I used to believe it was just the top that was corrupt - I no longer believe that.  If their are people who actually believe in our government and the rights it's people, they can reapply.  But this is disgraceful! 


  • The only thing I wish Trump had done was to get rid of most of the so called heads of most of the Govt departments and had screened the ones he appointed ie DEPT of JUSTICE and FBI etc.

    • I agree Shirley, but my eyes tell me he didn't and that raises red flags for me... He could have, at any time, cleaned out the whole beltway but he made feeble attempts instead of actually getting rid of the assholes who are still inside the beltway today....I'm fed up with all of them, its time for the people to rule inside the beltway and leave the millionaires and lawyers out of it.........

    • He was either keeping his friends close and enemies closer ( to gather intel) or he has very poor discernment of both intent and character.

      He has studied the Art of War, I do know that.

    • One doesn't put their enemies in charge of the DOJ, FBI, DOD, DHS, and Intel Community... that is simply too close.  Stop making excuses for piss poor personnel management.

  • Time to elect our next president to clean out all this agencies who have put political views first before protecting the people and the country this is not a socialist country and this 4 of July We the People must tell our government you don't control our life and to the big tech companies we tell them you don't have the power to take our First Amendment from our Constitution away We the People are the laws of this country 

    • The basic dichotomy is Individualism vs Collectivism. I am solidly an Individual!!

  • So, have any of you seant e-mails to the FBI voicing yhuour converns? I didn't think so. I have doen it and will continue to do it. Are you all afraid of them? I see a lot of BS on this website yet where is the action that needs to be done in oreder to reinforce your commats? C'mpn, gat odd your ass and start getting involved. Or this couintry is gone forever.

  • Trump or whoever's our next conservative president should demand the resignations of the directors and top two levels of all govt agencies and clean out the deep staters. There surely are patriots working in these departments that love America and want the best for her.

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