• Yes, and there are so many of these "foreign" influenced marxists in our govt, schools, media.  Whether Sanders, Warren, the squad that included muslims, marxists and Soros supported hacks. They denied that Obama was a muslim, when the facts and his own words proved it......Islam being in complete opposition to our laws, culture, social norms and freedoms.  Anybody with a half brain can figure out that islam is not compatible with this nation's way of life......we don't eliminate women from schools, jobs and all factors of life, we don't execute gays and do not have honor killings.  Yet the left wing hacks insisted Obama was not a muslim while he coddled them here and overseas.  As he bowed to his masters in the mid east, we now see how Biden bows to his Chinese masters who have paid his family millions.

    • It's already in the move

  • The one that runs against her will be labeled a racist,  oh wait! They already have us labeled..

  • We've had enough of the Obama agenda. BTW,  that is NOT a "She"10656626264?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • Wow, wow they show her on that picture but when Obama was running in 2012 they ask him where is his birth certificate he didn't show it.

    • Happy to! And thanks!


  • What a scary, scary thought!  Somebody should tell her to sit down and shut up!!!

    • It is a scary thought

  • For our country to continue to exist, the Democratic socialist must be destroyed for ever! 

    • Well it would be great but I don't think it will.

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