• That's just what we don't need, Big Mike in the White House

  • At the heart of ALL the commiecrat efforts is identity politics--the Marxist "divide and conquer" narrative that saturates everything we hear in political circles and commentaries nowadays.  Once you realize that ALL of this is nothing more than communist propaganda and psychological warfare via disinformation and fake news, it becomes easier to brush it off and cast aside the diversionary tactics that is behind it.  Anyone who thinks Soetoro puppet is pulling the strings is looking at this through the lens of a third grade level.  Soetoro never was anything more than a useful idiot used as a front man who "championed" the cause of the New World Order for the REAL puppet masters--the modern day Illuminati--the bankers that make TONS of money on every move that is taken.

    • Surely not.  My point was:  We need to keep our eyes on the prize and not be sidetracked by improbabilities--no matter how the lamestream media tries to spin the inevitability of these degenerates taking hold of the reins.


    • We have to remember what's behind all of this? The answer is Demonic forces.

    • True, but it's at a much higher level than the commiecrat party or any of its minions, Jeff.


    • What higher level is that? 

    • The Federal Reserve Bank and its subsidiaries have successfully pulled off the greatest financial scam in history including the $6 Trillion redistribution of wealth away from the lower and middle class American citizenry and absorbed it into the coffers of the banksters and oligarchs who run this world lock, stock and barrel.  The Eugenics-minded Bill Gates/Anthony Fauci team has perpetrated the largest single genocidal episode in human history with the biological warfare "pandemic" which will be resurrected under different names perpetually if they get their way.  What we're experiencing is multiple diversionary "crises" which take center stage while the REAL culprits are still safely behing the curtain enjoying the protection of federal "law enforcement" community and the intelligence community, and covered up entirely by lamestream media who also share in proportion to the largess provided by back door dealings.  This is all about political theater that yoo're witnessing each passing day.  Did you ever wonder why, after so much ado, nothing gets solved? 


  • I saw a picture of Michelle she look like a boy interacting with his lover obama.

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    • We have to face it one way or the other Oblabla is running this country so if that is the case we might as well realize that so call Michelle is going to be the president in 2024.

    • To the point Marlene!  fight to the last breath!!

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