The political landscape of the 2020 election was rocked in early March with the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The shutdowns and media-inspired hysteria slammed the sky-rocketing Trump economy to a grinding halt.

For a few months, it appeared that COVID-19 would permanently alter the political landscape for 2020 and provide Democrats with an opening – as Trump’s strongest political card, the economy, appeared to become a liability.

Then, thanks to President Trump’s leadership and the ingenuity and tenacity of the American worker, the economy roared back, even in the midst of the pandemic. The economy, which bottomed out in April, began a dramatic recovery in May.

Democrats Need a New Issue to Run On

Suddenly, the Democrats opening on the economy seemed to be slipping away, and with it their chances of capturing the White House, holding the House, and retaking the Senate in November of 2020.

But, just as the economy began to rebound in early June, Democrats would be handed another possible political opening to exploit in the death of George Floyd.

In the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death there was an opportunity for the country to come together and have a meaningful and productive conversation about race, police tactics, and reform. The Democrats could have worked with Republicans and with President Trump to pass a package of common sense reforms and begin some much-needed national healing.

Democrats, however, were far more thirsty for political wins in November than they were for substantive policy wins in June. And as the protests grew more violent due to Black Lives Matter and “Antifa” radicals, peaceful protests quickly morphed into violent riots.

It’s at this moment that Democrats made their Faustian bargain.

Democrats’ Embrace of Black Lives Matter

They made the cold, crass and calculated decision to do nothing to reign in the anarchy and violence, believing that by fomenting racial unrest they would cripple President Trump politically.

Democratic Mayors and Governors ignored their own stay at home orders, disregarded their own social distancing requirements, and generally pretended that protestors were immune to COVID-19.

Democratic politicians in Washington – aided by their allies in the media – continued to insist the protests were peaceful, despite video after video displaying the utter chaos and violence.

Over and over again, the American people were told these were peaceful protests, focused on racial inequality, and that the only way to bring about social justice was to vote for Democrats.

At first, the political gamble seemed like a good one, as President Trump’s approval rating began to dip in June and July, and Joe Biden appeared to be building a large, if not insurmountable lead in the polls.

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    • The nain stream conspiracy news media is already inciting riots and promoting insurrection. Like you said, it is already illegal to do that so why is the conspiracy news media still allowed to do it?

    • The MSM is not independent... they are openly biased and operate as the Democrats publicists and propagandist... the left doesn't jail its allies.  Journalism is dead... schools of journalism are loaded with left-wing professors who promote only those students willing to compromise their ethics to graduate with a degree in journalism... more like a degree in Marxist propaganda.  There are very few Universities and Colleges that train journalists today... instead, they train propagandist and Kabuki Theater managers.

    • Agree! So why does the federal government have a Department of Education that generously funds these hotbeds of Marxist ideology with grants and government guaranteed student loans? There is no defined or limited power granted to the federal government to be involved in education at all, and these institutions should be left to succeed or fail based upon their merits in a free market for their services. We do not need to regulate them either, as the free market is the best, safest and most economical regulator of service providers in a free society. And as a side benefit, the mainstream media propaganda machine would experience an acute shortage of the deluded Marxist talking heads that these institutions turn out by the thousands.

    • First, there are no free markets... commercial or social exchanges.  All markets reflect the bias of governments and the public they support... The complexity of the market place is compounded by government interference, however, government interference is only a part of the external forces applied to markets... many market forces are not natural or internal ... they are often manipulated or leveraged forces... artificial forces applied by industry and the wealthy cabals of industry who manipulate markets for their own benefit.  Take that 'Free Market' propaganda of the feudal lords and sell it to the misinformed and ignorant... it won't fly here.

      The best we can hope for is FAIR MARKETS...  markets with minimal regulation and ethical standards that are enforced by law and moral business practices... Godly markets are equitable ... they operate using an equal measure and a just scale... they only reap where they have sown and windfall profits only occur by anomalies in the market place, not by manipulation and leverage from those with power and position.  Godly markets add value or they don't make a profit.  Profits are the result of value-added and fair transactions, where all parties are satisfied. 

      We don't have fair markets today.. greed and avarice drive our world markets and the results are devastating... upward mobility and the American dream are stagnating and we are returning to a Feudal system or commerce and cultural interaction... A cast system of privilege and position, rather than equal opportunity for all men and women in the market place of ideas and commerce has been created by the avarice of a few.

    • Sounds like capitalism that made America great isn't your thing, either.

    • Yup, the capitalism that made America great isn't your thing. I'm just glad that Trump is in charge and he understands how (global) business works because he is a successful business man with international real estate assets. His tax cuts also benefitted American companies that dominate global markets. Why do you think Apple became a 2 trl dollar company? The tax cuts played a major part in this because of Apple's cash stashed away in tax heavens that can come back to the USA now since they won't be taxed as much.

      Oh, why do these American businesses dominate global markets? Because the USA is a great place to do business in, because the US government especially the current one supports them. That is exactly why a successful international business man like Trump has my unwavering support. He makes America great again which includes our awesome capitalism. Take that leftist commies! 

    • Irresponsible capitalism, shipping jobs overseas to make profits thru the manipulation of market disparities while failing to add a dime in market values is untenable and disgraceful.  Profits made thru the exploitation of markets by unscrupulous owners -do nothing to support our Republic... many of these opportunists pay few taxes and what little they pay is passed on to their customers. 

      Making profit the old fashion way by providing better products, goods, and services thru innovative marketing and superior quality has been replaced by cheap goods made by slave wage workers.  That sort of capitalism is more akin to Feudalism... the supreme capitalist culture... where might makes right and positon and privilege are used to corner world markets for a relatively small plutocracy... Trump is breaking up these globalist cabals of greed and avarice.

    • You hit the nail on the head with your observation of equitable and fair behavior by people who have an internalized and "Godly" sense of ethics and morality.  We use the term "free market" only to objectify a goal that any thinking person of faith realizes is a perfect world that is unattainable by sinful men or fallen nature.  But that does not mean that we shouldn't continue to strive toward that perfection.  Our constitutional republic was designed to function properly for a people whose values are based upon Judeo-Christian ethics, morality and honest, respectful treatment of one's neighbors. It is unsuitable for, and will not work with any other.

    • Amen... 

  • Of course, aligning with terrorism will blow up in the demonrats faces at the election. Trump will not only win the White House with a landslide but he will also win back the House with every Republican being totally loyal to him this time around. No more rinos in Congress! 

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